Ever wonder why things just happen to us, things we didn’t start or plan? It’s kind of funny when you think about it. Like getting caught in a rainstorm, having hiccups, or even being born. These things just come our way, and we often think of them as events happening to us, not something we’re a part of.

This idea, shared by Alan Watts, invites us to rethink what we consider “us.” We often see ourselves as just a small part of a huge world, separate from the rest. But is that really true? Let’s dive into this thought a bit more.

Imagine everything that happens to you, from the weather outside to the feelings inside, as part of a bigger picture. It’s easy to think we’re just tiny beings in a massive universe that doesn’t care much about us. Some people see themselves as accidents in a cold, uncaring cosmos. Others might believe they’re here because a higher power wants them here, watching their every move.

But what if we looked at things differently? What if we saw ourselves not just as small, separate parts but as essential pieces of a larger whole? This doesn’t mean we control everything, like the thunderstorms or our birth, but it suggests we’re more connected to the world than we might think.

Alan Watts talks about how changing our perspective, like zooming in or out with a camera, can change how we see things. Up close, a newspaper photo is just dots. Step back, and it’s a clear picture. Similarly, we might feel like just a dot in the vast universe, but from another perspective, we make sense as part of a bigger pattern.

This idea might seem strange, especially when we’re used to thinking of ourselves as separate from everything else. Yet, Watts suggests that what happens “to us” isn’t just random; it’s part of the universe’s way of being, a universe where everything is connected, even if it doesn’t always seem that way.

So, next time something unexpected happens, try seeing it as part of a larger harmony. This doesn’t mean ignoring problems or conflicts but understanding they’re part of a bigger picture we might not fully see yet.

“Life is not just happening to you; you are an essential part of everything that occurs, playing a role in a cosmic dance that is far more interconnected than you might realize.” – Alan Watts

“The universe is not composed of things, but of events, and of their possibilities.” – John Wheeler, physicist

Spiritual Reference:
“In him we live and move and have our being.” – Acts 17:28. This verse reminds us that we’re not separate from the divine or the universe. We’re deeply embedded in the fabric of everything that exists, moving within a greater power that surrounds and fills us.

Diving Deeper:

By changing our perspective, we can shift from feeling like passive recipients of life’s experiences to active participants in a grand cosmic dance. Consider these questions:

  • How can you see challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation?
  • Instead of feeling separate from the world, how can you cultivate a sense of belonging and interconnection with all living things?
  • Can you appreciate the “space” in your life – the quiet moments, the transitions, the unknown – as vital parts of your journey?