Bentinho Massaro highlights the importance of being triggerless, centered, and aligned with our higher selves. He argues that to bring forth higher dimensional frequencies to Earth, we need to be ambassadors for clarity and not flinch at the sight of something horrible. This requires being in complete alignment with ourselves, being untethered from biases, and not caring about what others think of us.

To illustrate this point, Massaro asks readers to imagine two versions of themselves – the triggered version and the triggerless version. The triggered version gets caught up in storms, while the triggerless version remains centered and calm. By shifting our consciousness from the triggered version to the triggerless version, we can experience the difference in our being and understand the benefits of being triggerless.

Massaro argues that our beliefs about what serves us can keep us habitually tied to certain ideas, even when we know better. It is essential to deconstruct these beliefs and understand how they do not benefit us. By doing so, we can align ourselves with our higher selves, tap into fourth-dimensional fields of information, and bring forth love, light, and inspiration to the planet.