In this talk, Bentinho Massaro discusses the concept that everything is vibration, and that consciousness shifts into different realities through changing its frequency. He emphasizes the importance of deliberate focus or meditation in streamlining one’s vibration and getting to know the nature of consciousness and frequency.

Bentinho points out that most people consist of a lot of mixed frequencies and are very unfocused. He urges listeners to be attentive to their overall general feeling state, as feeling bad is a true signal that one is out of alignment with the way creation actually works most efficiently. To be efficient at being of service and manifesting one’s dreams, one must notice when they feel good and when they don’t.

Bentinho warns against placing one’s feelings in certain boxes that make sense from the teachings or the teacher’s perspective, as this can lead to innocent arrogance and going against nature. He urges listeners to be really attentive to their overall general feeling state and to notice when they are out of alignment with themselves.

Bentinho suggests that one should concentrate on the quality of consciousness that they wish to embody and exude, and then let go of their sense of self by being really excited and engaged with the focus of their choice. By embodying, absorbing, and merging with the chosen quality of consciousness, one can experience prolonged moments of continuous flow and union with that reality.

Bentinho emphasizes that most people are always in a state of samadhi or merger with their physical body, even though it’s a choice. He urges listeners to become more masterful in this and to become more conscious co-creators of creation. By deliberately choosing the qualities of consciousness that are in greatest alignment with the truth of one’s spirit, one can become a clearer conduit or channel for transformation and enlightenment simply by being themselves and following their bliss.

Bentinho concludes by asking listeners to give themselves permission to enjoy life and be blissful, to focus more deliberately upon the qualities of consciousness that make them feel amazing, and to remember that feeling good means they are doing something right and are in alignment with a higher way of seeing things. By resolving the paradox of the mind and reconciling the vision that makes much more sense, one can realize that this is actually a fun and carefree universe essentially.