Discovering Self-Love: The Key to Directing Your Reality

Many people struggle with loneliness and lack the ability to console themselves when their loved ones aren’t around. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of self-love, as taught by Bentinho Massaro, and discuss how it can help us heal and direct our reality.

The Power of Self-Love

At the core of Bentinho Massaro’s teachings is the idea that self-love is the key to healing and directing our reality. He emphasizes that self-love isn’t just a thought or a new way of thinking; it’s the presence that already exists before we label our experiences.

By shifting our attention from the stories we tell ourselves and the labels we place on our emotions, we can tap into the essence of our existence: love. This love exists in the form of our aloneness, our intrinsic nature, and the is-ness of our experience.

When we learn to love ourselves, we can access a deep sense of well-being that lasts beyond temporary fixes. This constant sense of self-love can help us heal our emotional and psychological wounds and enable us to console ourselves in times of loneliness and suffering.

The Process of Cultivating Self-Love

To cultivate self-love, we must first become aware of our attention and the shift in our awareness that precedes our experience. Our attention determines our state of being and the frequency of consciousness that we experience.

The practice of self-love begins by recognizing the natural state of love that is already present in our lives. It may not be immediately apparent, but as we become more transparent and allow ourselves to be less solid, the love quality will shine through more and more.

The practical aspect of self-love involves consoling ourselves when we’re experiencing negative states of being, such as feeling alone, lost, or victimized. By discovering the love within our suffering and allowing it to outshine our personal stories, we can transform our experience and redirect our reality.