In the bustling chatter of the world, amidst the barrage of conversations we engage in daily, lies an opportunity to discover the profound simplicity of our being. The journey from ignorance to awareness isn’t about grandiose revelations but subtle, everyday realizations. Let’s dwell into a practice inspired by Bentinho’s insights to become more rooted in the truth of who we are while engaging with others.

Bentinho presents a scenario where one can easily lose their essence amidst conversations. He elaborates that when engaged in discussions, we often forget the simple yet profound awareness of our existence, getting lost in words and notions of identity.

He proposes a simple practice – maintaining an awareness of our existence while conversing. This isn’t about being aloof or disengaged, but about staying rooted in the simple realization of ‘I Am’ – the unchanging, fundamental awareness of being.

By embracing this practice, one can move from a state of forgetfulness to a state of remembrance. This transition might not always be comfortable. There might be discomfort, fears, and old beliefs surfacing. Yet, amidst this discomfort lies the path to liberation.

Ben further explains the irony of fear. He suggests that it’s through knowing who we are, that we release fears. It’s not about control but about surrender to the fundamental truth that ‘I am’, and hence, unraveling a deeper connection to the essence of being.

Here’s a profound quote to ponder upon by Bentinho Massaro, “Freedom is the fastest way to unclog your chakras, not by doing chakra work, but by knowing who you are.”

This essence of being isn’t a complex philosophical idea. It’s the simple truth we experience before our minds kick in with definitions, descriptions, and identities.

Moreover, a biblical reference that resonates with this teaching is when God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’” (Exodus 3:14) This reference from the Bible carries a profound resonance with the ‘I Am’ teaching of Bentinho.

The practice isn’t about adding more concepts but shedding the layers of illusion to reveal the simple, pure awareness of existence. By maintaining this awareness during our daily interactions, we allow ourselves to be more genuine, open, and present.

As we practice this awareness more, the rigid boundaries between ‘us’ and ‘them’ dissolve, and a sense of oneness prevails. Our conversations then are not mere exchanges of words but become a pathway to experiencing the underlying oneness and love.

The beauty of this practice lies in its simplicity and potential to be practiced anywhere, anytime – whether in a room full of people, amidst deep discussions, or simply while driving.

As Bentinho elucidates, with persistent practice, this awareness becomes stronger, gradually unveiling the illusion of separation and establishing a connection with the infinite consciousness that we are.

In a way, our interactions with others become a mirror, reflecting the light of awareness and love. We move from a place of meaning to a place of freedom, discovering our true essence amidst the chaos of everyday conversations.