The Infinite Freedom Beyond Experiences

Life is full of experiences. We laugh, we cry, we grow, and we learn. But have you ever wondered what lies beyond these experiences? What if I told you that the essence of who you are remains untouched by any experience, good or bad? Let’s explore this profound idea together.

Imagine throwing a tennis ball to your dog. The dog, in its innocent excitement, chases the ball without a second thought. In this analogy, you are the source, the one who throws the ball. The ball represents the experiences in your life. Just as you are not the ball, you are also not the experiences you create. You are the enabler, the one who allows these experiences to happen but remains free from them.

The Role of the Enabler

As the enabler of your experiences, you have a unique role. You create and release experiences into the field of life, much like throwing that tennis ball. However, to remain an efficient creator, you must not get attached to your creations. If you become too involved, you risk losing your freedom and becoming stuck in the very experiences you create.

This detachment allows you to see that nothing ever truly happens to you. Instead, everything happens within the realm of consciousness. The joy, the pain, the highs, and the lows—all these experiences occur in consciousness, but they do not define the infinite essence of who you are.

Embracing the Nothingness

The idea that “nothing ever happened” can be liberating. It takes the edge off of life’s challenges and allows you to enjoy the ride. Knowing that you are beyond all experiences frees you from the need to change or control them. Instead, you can observe and engage with them from a place of peace and understanding.

In the Bible, it is said, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). This verse reminds us of the eternal presence within us that remains unchanged and untouchable by life’s events. This stillness is the essence of who you are—peaceful, infinite, and free.

Living as the Infinite

When you realize that nothing ever truly happens to you, you begin to live from a place of infinite freedom. You become aware that all experiences are temporary and belong to the realm of consciousness. They do not touch the true essence of who you are. This understanding allows you to navigate life with grace and ease, knowing that you are always free.

The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle said, “You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.” This quote beautifully captures the essence of our discussion. You are not just the human experiencing life; you are the infinite source expressing itself through these experiences.

Final Thoughts

Living as the enabler of your experiences rather than being defined by them opens up a world of infinite possibilities. You are free to create, engage, and enjoy without being bound by the outcomes. This realization is not just a concept but a profound truth that can transform the way you live your life. Embrace your role as the infinite source, and let the experiences flow through you without attachment. In doing so, you will discover a deeper sense of peace and freedom that is always available to you.


“The present is the only reality.” – Ramana Maharshi

Spiritual Reference:

“Be still, and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

Key Takeaways:

  • The Illusion of Experience: Our experiences are like fleeting creations, not our true essence.
  • Detachment as Freedom: By not clinging to experiences, we unlock our infinite potential.
  • Observer, Not the Observed: We are the awareness behind experiences, not the experiences themselves.
  • Empowerment Through Acceptance: Embracing our infinite nature liberates us from suffering.
  • Follow Your Joy: Trust your intuition and passions to guide you towards self-realization.

Actionable Steps:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Practice observing your thoughts and emotions without judgment, recognizing they are not you.
  2. Journaling: Reflect on your experiences and identify patterns of attachment or aversion.
  3. Gratitude Practice: Focus on the present moment and appreciate the simple joys of life.
  4. Explore Your Passions: Engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.
  5. Connect with Others: Share your insights and learn from fellow seekers on the spiritual path.

Diver Deeper into the video:

What remains after all experience is done? According to Bentinho Massaro, the answer is “nothing.” But this nothingness is not a lack, but rather the source of everything. It is the enabler of creation.

Imagine throwing a tennis ball to your dog. The dog chases after the ball because it doesn’t know any better. But you, as the thrower, are like the source that throws the ball. You enable the creation, but you are never attached to it. You remain free from the things you enable, beyond the grasp of the creations that you toss into existence.

If you were attached to your creations, you would not be an efficient creator. You would become your creations and get stuck in that moment. But as the enabler of experiences, you must remain unattached to your creations. You are like the laser of creation, while the personas that chase after the creations are like the dogs.

Realizing that nothing ever happened can take the edge off all experiences. It’s liberating to know that nothing ever happened because it makes everything feel optional. But be careful not to lose your integrity and morality.

Nothing can happen to you because you are nothing. You are beyond the grasp of the creations that you toss into existence. Everything always happens to consciousness, not to you as the infinite creator.

This realization is peaceful beyond peace because it takes away the energetic experience of the substratum of consciousness itself. Even peace does not apply to you. The peace of not even having to be peaceful or not is liberating.

Bentinho Massaro offers three teachings: enlightenment, infinity, and empowerment. But it’s not necessary to know all the details or follow a particular path to realize them. It’s more important to honor your natural blueprint, follow your own resonance, and be fresh and you.

Following the breadcrumb trail of your joy, resonance, and excitement is the quickest, most efficient, healthiest, and joyful way to draw yourself into all the realizations you can ever have, and that are truly relevant for your beingness and soul at this time. All the self-realization stuff is easier than you think. The easier you allow it to be, the easier you’ll experience it to be, and the quicker you’ll actually get to a sense of conviction.