What remains after all experience is done? According to Bentinho Massaro, the answer is “nothing.” But this nothingness is not a lack, but rather the source of everything. It is the enabler of creation.

Imagine throwing a tennis ball to your dog. The dog chases after the ball because it doesn’t know any better. But you, as the thrower, are like the source that throws the ball. You enable the creation, but you are never attached to it. You remain free from the things you enable, beyond the grasp of the creations that you toss into existence.

If you were attached to your creations, you would not be an efficient creator. You would become your creations and get stuck in that moment. But as the enabler of experiences, you must remain unattached to your creations. You are like the laser of creation, while the personas that chase after the creations are like the dogs.

Realizing that nothing ever happened can take the edge off all experiences. It’s liberating to know that nothing ever happened because it makes everything feel optional. But be careful not to lose your integrity and morality.

Nothing can happen to you because you are nothing. You are beyond the grasp of the creations that you toss into existence. Everything always happens to consciousness, not to you as the infinite creator.

This realization is peaceful beyond peace because it takes away the energetic experience of the substratum of consciousness itself. Even peace does not apply to you. The peace of not even having to be peaceful or not is liberating.

Bentinho Massaro offers three teachings: enlightenment, infinity, and empowerment. But it’s not necessary to know all the details or follow a particular path to realize them. It’s more important to honor your natural blueprint, follow your own resonance, and be fresh and you.

Following the breadcrumb trail of your joy, resonance, and excitement is the quickest, most efficient, healthiest, and joyful way to draw yourself into all the realizations you can ever have, and that are truly relevant for your beingness and soul at this time. All the self-realization stuff is easier than you think. The easier you allow it to be, the easier you’ll experience it to be, and the quicker you’ll actually get to a sense of conviction.