Embracing Excitement: Approving Your Higher Self’s Offerings

Every once in a while, life presents us with moments that spark our excitement. These are the moments that resonate deeply with our souls, hinting at a harmonious path leading towards greater joy. The surge of excitement we feel is not just an emotional high; it’s an affirmation from our higher self. Bentinho elucidates this concept in profound ways.


Finding Alignment: The Interplay of Consciousness, Emotion, and Reality

The Dance of Alignment and Your Inner State

Bentinho emphasizes the paramount importance of aligning with one’s self. He urges us to acknowledge our emotional state as an indicator of this alignment. When we feel good, we are aligned with our true selves, and, by extension, with the most efficient workings of creation. Conversely, when we feel bad, it’s a potent signal of being out of alignment. This concept applies not only to our individual well-being but also to our dreams’ manifestation and our overall efficiency in being of service to others.