Every once in a while, life presents us with moments that spark our excitement. These are the moments that resonate deeply with our souls, hinting at a harmonious path leading towards greater joy. The surge of excitement we feel is not just an emotional high; it’s an affirmation from our higher self. Bentinho elucidates this concept in profound ways.

Your higher self always provides the most direct, effortless, and harmonious route to your greater excitement. When something genuinely excites you, it’s because it leads to a brighter future. These glimpses of what’s to come should be embraced, not doubted. So, the next time something stirs up that feeling of bliss, joy, love, or expansion within you, give it your full approval.

However, there’s a catch. While our higher selves might have a better understanding of what excites us, we’re constantly battling with the conscious mind’s skepticism. Often, we sideline our inner callings, pushing the ‘approve’ button to the back of our minds. Over time, this can lead to a dulled sense of excitement, leading one to respond, “I’m fine,” when asked about their well-being.

During a talk at the Science and Nonduality Conference in California, Bentinho shared an essential perspective. He emphasized that true acceptance isn’t a passive resignation to one’s circumstances. It’s an acknowledgment of the inherent peace in any situation, coupled with the drive to align oneself with greater joy and excitement. By recognizing that acceptance is a given – akin to acknowledging the omnipresence of gravity – we free ourselves to live vibrantly within that context.

However, this doesn’t mean allowing oneself to drown in suffering under the guise of “spiritual acceptance.” It’s about becoming a feisty, fervent expression of the universe, intolerant of one’s own suffering and mediocrity. By understanding suffering as a signal that something is off, we can become more conscious, more awakened, and more alive to our higher self’s guidance.

To fully embrace the life that our higher self wishes for us, it’s vital to develop a habit of inquiry. Every time we suffer, we must ask, “Why?” and seek resolution. By doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to living a life that’s radiant, alive, and ever-evolving.

Remember, to become an effective expression of the universe, we must always remain open, curious, and full of love. Every time you feel excitement, let it be a reminder to approve of your path, to embrace your journey, and to continue seeking alignment with your higher self.

Quote: “Every surge of excitement is a call from our higher self, urging us to embrace the journey.”