The Dance of Alignment and Your Inner State

Bentinho emphasizes the paramount importance of aligning with one’s self. He urges us to acknowledge our emotional state as an indicator of this alignment. When we feel good, we are aligned with our true selves, and, by extension, with the most efficient workings of creation. Conversely, when we feel bad, it’s a potent signal of being out of alignment. This concept applies not only to our individual well-being but also to our dreams’ manifestation and our overall efficiency in being of service to others.

Bentinho underscores the risk of letting our mind take over when we engage with spirituality or teachings. He calls out the “innocent arrogance” that may lead us to believe that teachings can supersede our feelings. This approach is counterproductive, he argues, as it creates a divergence from our natural state and suppresses true wisdom. Instead, true wisdom requires attentiveness to our general feeling state. If we feel abundantly good, it’s a sign that our mind or perspective is in alignment with our own truth, and consequently, with the broader tapestry of creation.

Deliberate Focus and the Power of Consciousness

To further our journey towards alignment, Bentinho proposes the use of deliberate focus or meditation. The act of focusing helps streamline our vibration, providing a clear understanding of our consciousness and our nature. He emphasizes the crucial aspect of recognizing ourselves as individuated expressions of all that is – a reflection, an extension of all consciousness. The understanding that we cannot be separated from consciousness, for we are consciousness experiencing through our particular focal point of ‘I am’, leads us to a greater sense of who we truly are.

Bentinho implores us to ask ourselves why we are here, not in terms of specific roles such as a lawyer or spiritual teacher, but in a vibrational sense. He encourages us to discover the primordial quality of consciousness we desire to align with and express. With this understanding, we are able to focus our attention on our chosen vibrational state, continuously bringing our attention back to it. This deliberate focus or meditation allows us to drop into the experience of our chosen focal point, encouraging us to immerse ourselves fully in the quality of consciousness we desire.

Manifesting the Quality of Consciousness

The act of focusing, however, is not without distractions. Bentinho explains that we might vacillate between being in and out of focus, but as we continue to refocus, we begin to lose awareness of our physical body, and our consciousness becomes predominantly non-physical. We begin to feel like the frequency of consciousness we have chosen, making our preferred reality more real than the physical reality.

Bentinho elucidates the principle of samadhi or union consciousness, describing how we can be in union with any reality we choose. When we consciously choose our quality of consciousness, we reclaim our free will from the automatic mind or ego effect. Our physical reality then morphs to match our chosen non-physical vibratory qualities. Bentinho concludes his discourse by urging us to choose deliberately the qualities of consciousness that align most closely with the truth of our spirit. We know we have achieved this when we feel amazing, which is the ultimate indication of alignment.