Transforming Suffering Through Surrender

The Dance of Surrendering Suffering

Life is a series of initiations. Some moments are jubilant, while others can be gut-wrenchingly painful. However, what if we approached each phase, particularly the tough ones, as a chance to grow? Bentinho, in his teachings, often hints at this concept.


The Radiant Light of God: Merging Science with Spirituality

Merging Science with Spirituality

Everything in our universe passes through a screen, a veil that acts as a filter. But when it comes to God’s light, this radiant force flows through all matter effortlessly, untouched and uninterrupted. It is akin to neutrinos—some of the universe’s most abundant particles with almost no mass. These neutrinos pass straight through matter, barely interacting with it. A fascinating scientific fact is that every second, a staggering hundred trillion neutrinos pass through your body without disturbing a single molecule. This concept, beautifully illuminated by Bentinho, is a profound analogy for God’s pervasive love and presence.


The Infinite Mystery of God: A Deep Dive into Surrender, Love, and the Power of Forgiveness

A Deep Dive into Surrender, Love, and the Power of Forgiveness

It’s a profound thought to realize that God, in its infinite nature, is continuously exploring its essence, capabilities, and the myriad ways it can express, know, and dream about itself. Ben often reflects on this theme, emphasizing how life is an infinite dream of the Creator, expressing and understanding its existence. There’s no end, no completion to this self-knowing, for God’s essence is infinite. Thus, creation after creation emerges, even after the dissolution of our entire universe.


Living in Harmony with Natural Law: Insights from Tao Te Ching Verse Twenty-Nine

Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese philosophical text attributed to Lao Tzu, offers profound wisdom on living in harmony with the natural flow of life. Verse Twenty-Nine reminds us of the futility of trying to control the universe and emphasizes the sacredness of everything under Heaven. By relinquishing our desire for control and embracing the natural law, we can find peace and align ourselves with the perfection of the Tao. This blog post explores the essence of this verse and how we can apply its teachings in our lives.