A Deep Dive into Surrender, Love, and the Power of Forgiveness

It’s a profound thought to realize that God, in its infinite nature, is continuously exploring its essence, capabilities, and the myriad ways it can express, know, and dream about itself. Ben often reflects on this theme, emphasizing how life is an infinite dream of the Creator, expressing and understanding its existence. There’s no end, no completion to this self-knowing, for God’s essence is infinite. Thus, creation after creation emerges, even after the dissolution of our entire universe.

The Human Condition & The Infinite

It’s quite humbling to think about our position in all of this. We, as human beings, with our finite minds, sometimes believe we have a grasp on the entirety of existence. With our limited understanding, we think we know who we are, what’s right, wrong, and even dare to conceptualize God. However, Bentinho suggests that if even God doesn’t fully understand its infinite nature, how can we, with our transient lifespans, even begin to comprehend it?

Returning to God Through Surrender

According to Bentinho, the path to truly understanding and reconnecting with God lies in surrender. By admitting our unknowingness and accepting the vastness of God’s mystery, we can find liberation. It’s in this surrender that love becomes automatic. Only through being one with the mystery can we truly experience the depths of love. After all, it’s not humans who love; it’s God’s love that flows through us.

The Practice of Forgiveness

One of the most profound practices that align us with this infinite love is forgiveness. While we might hold onto grudges, offenses, or memories that bring about pain, any such experience is an opportunity to practice surrendering to God’s love. By truly forgiving others, we release the chains that bind us, allowing the flow of divine love to permeate our being. It’s not about neglecting feelings or bypassing emotions but finding the courage to release the pain and find alignment with God’s love once more.

Remember, the ultimate truth of God, as described by Bentinho, is an ever-present mystery, like the sky or space itself. It’s a constant, non-judging, and open essence. As we journey through life, the best we can do is to open our hearts, surrender to the mystery, and let the unconditional, automatic love of the divine flow through us.

In Bentinho’s words, “God’s love is like space itself – ever present, ever available, never closing down, never judging anything.”

The journey of understanding the infinite mystery of God is a profound one. It invites us to dive deep into surrender, love, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Through the teachings of Bentinho, we’re reminded that by embracing the infinite, by surrendering to the mystery, and by practicing genuine forgiveness, we can tap into a love so vast and boundless that it’s nothing short of divine.