Merging Science with Spirituality

Everything in our universe passes through a screen, a veil that acts as a filter. But when it comes to God’s light, this radiant force flows through all matter effortlessly, untouched and uninterrupted. It is akin to neutrinos—some of the universe’s most abundant particles with almost no mass. These neutrinos pass straight through matter, barely interacting with it. A fascinating scientific fact is that every second, a staggering hundred trillion neutrinos pass through your body without disturbing a single molecule. This concept, beautifully illuminated by Bentinho, is a profound analogy for God’s pervasive love and presence.

In a world dominated by empirical evidence, where every claim needs verification, and most phenomena demand a rational explanation, God’s love stands out as an exception. It is like pure space, ever-present, all-encompassing, and seemingly beyond comprehension. The nature of God, as Ben describes it, is not just love but formlessness, eternity, timelessness, beyondness, and utmost intimacy. However, realizing this profound presence requires something from us: surrender. This surrender is not just a mental acknowledgment but a complete embodiment of our feelings, devotion, and most importantly, love.

Mysticism, often pushed to the periphery of rational thought, is the bridge between the mental recognition of God and the emotional connection with the divine. When you’re in love with God, and God reciprocates that love, there’s a profound sense of invincibility, liberation, and boundless energy emanating from the source. Such a connection makes one realize that they are not merely of this world.

Interestingly, the way to this divine connection is often laced with acts of forgiveness. Bentinho offers a simple yet powerful exercise. Imagine forgiving a stranger for no reason at all. While the act might seem random or out of place, the mere act of expressing love and forgiveness can touch souls and change lives. It reminds us that God’s love is contagious, and once ignited, it can spread like wildfire.

As our world undergoes rapid changes, with growing numbers of people seeking spiritual enlightenment, there’s an even greater need to re-embrace God’s presence in our lives. As Ben suggests, this doesn’t mean distancing ourselves from scientific understanding. Instead, it implies marrying our surrender to God with a methodical approach to understanding the universe.

In conclusion, merging the realms of science and spirituality offers a path to recognizing and celebrating God’s light. Whether you are trying to understand neutrinos or the nature of surrender, the answer often lies in embracing both the tangible and intangible aspects of existence. As Bentinho Massaro puts it, “let’s make your life God living because it is.” All it requires is for us to become more aware and accept this divine gift.