Being in Love: The Journey Within to Find True Fulfillment

In the pursuit of love and relationships, we often forget to look within ourselves for the fulfillment we seek. This reminds us that the idea of needing a relationship is just a societal construct. True love and beauty lie not in the other person but in the state of being in love itself. It is a profound and transformative experience, and we can find that same intensity and infatuation towards ourselves if we allow it.


Healing Yourself by Bentinho Massaro

Healing Yourself: Embracing the Wounded Inner Child

Within the depths of our consciousness, many of us carry the burden of a victim story. It may stem from childhood experiences, such as neglect, rejection, abuse, or any form of trauma. At a young age, we lack the tools and awareness to cope with such profound wounds, leading us to suppress or forget them. However, as we mature and raise our vibrational consciousness, these suppressed memories resurface, causing us more distress than before.