In the pursuit of love and relationships, we often forget to look within ourselves for the fulfillment we seek. This reminds us that the idea of needing a relationship is just a societal construct. True love and beauty lie not in the other person but in the state of being in love itself. It is a profound and transformative experience, and we can find that same intensity and infatuation towards ourselves if we allow it.

The speaker encourages us to explore the deeper layers of desire and question what we truly seek. Instead of seeking completion from external sources, we are urged to turn our attention inward. By doing so, we may discover that our ultimate desire is a particular frequency of consciousness—a state of being in love with life itself.

Society often associates love with another person, but the truth is that the state of being in love transcends any individual. Once we grasp this, we can liberate ourselves from the dependency on others for fulfillment. Embracing the beauty of aloneness, we create space for self-love and find everything we desire within ourselves. It’s a journey of self-discovery, where we learn to surrender to the magic of being in love with our own presence.

In conclusion, being in love is not about seeking love in someone else; it’s about realizing that love is within us all along. When we recognize this truth and direct our infatuation towards our own being, we uncover a profound sense of fulfillment and beauty. Love becomes a transcendent quality that includes all experiences, allowing us to live more freely and joyfully. So, let’s embark on the journey within and experience the magic of being in love with ourselves, for that is where we find true love and fulfillment.