Unraveling the Knots of Resistance: A Deep Dive into Acceptance

Feeling the Resistance: A Journey into Acceptance

When we talk about the feeling of resistance, what comes to mind? It’s that slight unease, that sense of discomfort, or that hint of pushback that arises within us. We all have experienced it. Maybe it’s that underlying tension we feel when things aren’t going our way, or perhaps it’s the unease we feel when faced with a difficult situation. Whatever it may be, resistance is a sign that something within us is not aligned.


Nothing Happens Without Your Approval by Bentinho Massaro

Nothing Happens Without Your Approval: Decoding Your Higher Self

Have you ever taken a step back and pondered on the narrative of your life? Bentinho Massaro, affectionately known as Ben, provides some clarity on how your higher self influences the course of events, and why everything is ultimately a reflection of your approval.