Feeling the Resistance: A Journey into Acceptance

When we talk about the feeling of resistance, what comes to mind? It’s that slight unease, that sense of discomfort, or that hint of pushback that arises within us. We all have experienced it. Maybe it’s that underlying tension we feel when things aren’t going our way, or perhaps it’s the unease we feel when faced with a difficult situation. Whatever it may be, resistance is a sign that something within us is not aligned.

Bentinho once said, “Acceptance is recognizing that there is something that is a little contracted, a little tight.” This can be seen as an insistence in our thinking or a nod in the stream of our consciousness. When we’re not feeling our best, it’s often due to these small deviations, these knots in our attention.

In life, resistance manifests in many forms – physical, emotional, and mental. It’s like a signal from our inner self, prompting us to stop and take notice. Bentinho explains that when we first recognize this resistance and become aware of its presence, it already begins to release.

But how does one go about releasing this resistance? It begins with acceptance. It’s about acknowledging the tightness and then embracing it with a loving awareness. This loving acceptance acts as a melting agent, allowing the tightness to dissolve and our true essence to shine through.

Bentinho often referred to this essence as the “I am that I am.” It’s the profound realization of our very existence. When we immerse ourselves in this realization, we can transcend the bubble of our mind, our concepts, and our interpretations. By slowing down our thought process and grounding ourselves in the moment, we can begin to feel the presence of God in our own consciousness.

Now, one might wonder, how does one connect with this profound realization? It starts with saying “no.” It’s about taking a few seconds, multiple times an hour, to disconnect from our thoughts, our ego, and our self-imposed identity. In doing so, we open a door to a deeper domain, where God’s love can shine through and guide us. This is the realm where our true essence lies, unclouded by the distractions of our minds.

So, the next time you feel that knot of resistance within you, take a pause. Embrace it, accept it, and let the loving awareness melt it away. Remember, as Bentinho so eloquently put it, “By knowing God, you don’t have to worry about your Gremlin; it will naturally dissolve.”

Quote: “Embrace resistance with loving awareness and watch it dissolve into the essence of ‘I am’.”