Nothing Happens Without Your Approval: Decoding Your Higher Self

Have you ever taken a step back and pondered on the narrative of your life? Bentinho Massaro, affectionately known as Ben, provides some clarity on how your higher self influences the course of events, and why everything is ultimately a reflection of your approval.

In a world teeming with myriad choices and decisions, it’s easy to feel lost. Ben’s wisdom on this matter encourages us to believe that every aspect of our lives is determined by the choices we make, with the guidance of our higher self.

What Is The Higher Self?

The higher self is like an inner compass, always guiding you, always checking in with you. Ben mentions, “It’s constantly asking your free approval.” The exhilarating moments in our lives are indicators that we’re on the right track, moving toward greater excitement and alignment. It’s your higher self’s way of showing you the path that leads to increased joy and fulfillment.

When you experience something heavenly, it’s a glimpse into your future. All you need to do is accept and approve.

The Power of Approval

But what exactly is this ‘approval’ that Ben refers to? Think of it as a conscious ‘yes’ to your life experiences. It’s that instant choice you make when faced with an exciting proposition. Each time you’re thrilled by a possibility but let doubt seep in, you’re holding back from giving that ‘approval’.

Moreover, this approval isn’t limited to just the grand decisions of life. From choosing to find joy in every moment, embracing the excitement of a sports car, or even the desire for a wholesome relationship – it’s all about pressing that inner “approve” button.

Embracing Acceptance

However, as Ben aptly reminds us, there’s a fine line between acceptance and complacency. Many often mistake acceptance for passiveness or mediocrity. The true form of acceptance, as illustrated by Ben, is understanding that everything is pre-accepted by creation itself. There’s no need to consistently remind ourselves to accept things when acceptance is the very fabric of existence.

There’s power in knowing that acceptance already exists, and from this understanding, we can lead more fulfilling lives. When we operate from a space where we recognize that everything is inherently accepted, we free ourselves to be more effective expressions of our infinite nature.

Break Free From Mediocrity

As we tune into this higher perspective, Ben urges us not to settle. When we stop tolerating our self-imposed limitations, calling them “spiritual acceptance,” we break free from mediocrity. By addressing our suffering, questioning its root, and being adamant about resolving it, we become vessels channeling higher love and wisdom.

In conclusion, every moment of our existence is a beautiful dance between our choices and the guiding hand of our higher self. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens without your approval. So, as you navigate this journey of life, remember the power you hold, and harness it to manifest your dreams.