Unlocking Clarity: A Journey Beyond Clutter and Into Self-Realization

The journey to unclutter one’s life, both mentally and physically, is deeply connected to personal self-realization and spiritual growth. This narrative where a seeker laid bare the turmoil within, mentioning the term “flawed premise” during the discussion. The conversation led Bentinho to dives into understanding our emotional responses and how they tie to our inner clutter.


Beyond the Human Label: Unraveling Our True Conscious Essence

Beyond Being Human: Embracing the Conscious Self

Life is an ever-evolving dance of perspectives, emotions, and experiences. As we navigate this journey, many of us grapple with the question of identity. What does it truly mean to be human?

Bentinho speaks about an intriguing paradox. The journey to truly understand what it means to be human might actually entail moving beyond the conventional definition of humanness. If you feel grounded, free, and in a state of joy, do you feel human? Bentinho suggests not. This is not to discredit the emotions, experiences, and roles we attribute to our human identity but rather to open our minds to the larger picture.


Finding Your True Calling: The Key to Unending Happiness

In a world filled with fleeting moments of happiness and prolonged periods of sadness, Bentinho Massaro, fondly known as Ben, offers us a profound perspective. He highlights that the root cause of unhappiness is often the sense of self-importance, whereas true happiness is a by-product of making life about others and not oneself.


Navigating the New Earth through Spiritual Awakening and Personal Transformation

We stand at the precipice of a new epoch, a fresh paradigm. This “New Earth” that we glimpse on the horizon is a collective aspiration unfolding into a palpable reality. It isn’t merely an abstract concept but a tangible manifestation of humanity’s potential. Each of us, regardless of our location, culture, or faith, are actors in this grand cosmic narrative. As actors, we are not mere spectators, but influencers and creators of the present and the future. The pace of change is not just fast but accelerating at an exponential rate. This velocity can be overwhelming and intimidating, yet it is also exciting and promising. How you perceive this acceleration depends entirely on your perspective.