Embracing Your True Worth: The Path to Freedom from Judgment

In our journey through life, we often encounter the heavy burden of judgment – both from others and ourselves. Bentinho shares insightful perspectives on how to break free from this cycle.

When we hinge our self-worth on others’ opinions, we inadvertently give away our power. Bentinho explains that avoiding judgment is often an attempt to protect our perceived worth. However, this leads to a paradox where we judge ourselves, sometimes without any real reason.

Attachment, as Bentinho describes, is rooted in perceiving more benefit in one reality over another. This logic, though not always rational, governs our feelings of attachment. When we desire something different or fear losing what we have, this feeling intensifies. Recognizing and understanding the perceived benefits in our attachments is crucial for personal growth.

The Path to Unifying Your Desires

Bentinho encourages a practice of introspection. By continuously asking “and then what?” we can unveil the underlying, often flawed, logic in our desires and attachments. This approach helps in aligning our desires with our true needs, leading towards a unified, healthier state of being.

Interestingly, suffering can be a powerful teacher. It reveals the emptiness in what we once thought beneficial, pushing us towards wisdom and maturity. By recognizing the transient nature of material desires and aligning with what is timeless and infinite, we move closer to true self-realization.

Letting Go of Self-Judgment

Ultimately, realizing the futility in self-judgment is key to letting it go. As Bentinho suggests, once we see through the nonsensical nature of our self-criticisms, we naturally cease to believe in them. This realization empowers us to catch and dismiss these harmful thoughts as they arise.

Spiritual Reflection

This journey aligns well with a spiritual truth found in the Bible: “The truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). In understanding the truth about ourselves and our attachments, we find freedom from judgment and a path to self-realization.

Embracing our true worth and understanding the mechanics of our attachments and judgments are vital steps towards freedom and self-awareness. As Bentinho guides, it’s about unifying our desires, recognizing the transient, and aligning with the timeless.


“Freedom from judgment begins when we stop seeking approval and start embracing our true worth.” – Bentinho