Embracing Excitement: Approving Your Higher Self’s Offerings

Every once in a while, life presents us with moments that spark our excitement. These are the moments that resonate deeply with our souls, hinting at a harmonious path leading towards greater joy. The surge of excitement we feel is not just an emotional high; it’s an affirmation from our higher self. Bentinho elucidates this concept in profound ways.


Unlocking Ever-Present Awareness Through The Power Of Relaxation

Spiritual growth and consciousness often feel like esoteric concepts, only to be achieved through intense meditation or solitary retreat. Yet, the essence of spiritual awakening is closer than we think. It’s in the mundane, in the hustle of our everyday life, and it can be actualized through a practice as simple as relaxing and releasing opinions or mental clutter for short bursts of time. This practice, executed repeatedly for two to five seconds, can ignite an experience of presence, beingness, or what we can term ever-present awareness. As we prioritize these moments of relaxation, this awareness slowly becomes predominant in our experiences, like a changeless screen onto which life’s fleeting perceptions play out.


The Universe Responds to Your Vibration by Bentinho Massaro

Unlocking Your Future: The Power of Vibrational Energy

Do you often feel that luck is right around the corner, only to find that it eludes you? This feeling of contraction, this shrinking back, is an indicator that somewhere deep within, your vibrational energy isn’t aligned with what you truly desire. Bentinho’s teachings dive deep into this concept, shedding light on our intrinsic power.