It’s common to feel like we’re constantly seeking support from outside sources. We look for validation, security, and strength in the world around us. But what if the true support we’re seeking is not out there, but within us? Bentinho Massaro shares insights on finding an indestructible confidence that comes from recognizing our inner divine nature.

The journey starts with understanding our physical and emotional vulnerabilities. It’s easy to feel fragile when we identify too closely with our physical selves, especially when we tie our concepts of strength and support to gender. This perspective can leave us feeling perpetually in need of protection and guidance. However, Bentinho suggests a shift in viewpoint. Instead of looking for support, we can become the embodiment of support itself.

This idea is not about denying the need for balance between masculine and feminine energies or the roles they play in our lives. Rather, it’s about recognizing that at our core, we are beyond physical limitations. We are, in essence, a part of the divine, capable of receiving and transmitting energy, just like a satellite dish receives signals. This realization allows us to tap into an inner wellspring of strength and support.

By aligning with this inner divine power, we no longer seek external validation or support. Instead, we find ourselves in a position of offering support, not just to ourselves but to others. This doesn’t eliminate the need for interpersonal relationships or diminish the value of masculine energy in providing protection and direction. It simply shifts the foundation of our confidence from external to internal.

Massaro encourages us to practice vulnerability, not as a sign of weakness, but as a pathway to discovering our indestructible nature. It’s through this openness that we can truly connect with our inner divine feminine, the ultimate source of support and creation.

For those on this path, a Bible verse resonates with this message: “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.” (Psalm 28:7). This verse reminds us that our ultimate support comes from a higher power, and by trusting in this divine presence, we find the strength and guidance we need.


“You are the support of the masculine; that is the surrender, the receiving. It’s kind of like being a satellite dish energetically. You’re receiving creation, you’re receiving God.” – Bentinho Massaro

From Fragile to Powerful: Redefining Strength

We often tie our sense of strength to our physical selves, especially influenced by societal norms. This can leave us feeling vulnerable and in constant need of external support. Massaro proposes a radical shift: becoming the embodiment of support itself.

Remember, this doesn’t diminish the importance of masculine energy or balanced relationships. It’s about recognizing that our core transcends physical limitations. We are, in essence, divine receivers and transmitters of energy, like a satellite dish tapping into a cosmic power source. This empowers us to access an inner wellspring of strength and support.

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