When exploring the concept of feminine energy, we often tread into the realms of dichotomy, of polar opposites – the masculine and the feminine. Bentinho Massaro dives deep into the intricate dance between these two forces, revealing how their harmonious interaction shapes our personal and collective experiences.

The Dance of Feminine and Masculine

At the core of our being, there exists a dance between the masculine and feminine energies. For the world to be in equilibrium, it’s essential for these energies to achieve a balance, each supporting and elevating the other. As Bentinho emphasizes, a pure feminine essence facilitates a genuine masculine presence, and vice versa. This balance, however, isn’t just about gender; it’s a profound dance of energies that exist within us, regardless of our physical gender.

True Surrender to the Divine

At the heart of the feminine lies the act of surrender. But what does it truly mean to surrender? Surrender is not about giving up or being submissive. Instead, it’s about embracing an inner state of receptivity. It’s a surrender to the divine, an act of trust. By trusting and surrendering, the feminine can truly shine, exuding confidence and strength in its essence.

However, Bentinho suggests that surrender shouldn’t be mistaken as a submission to every external force, especially not in the form of a physical person who might not have our best interests at heart. Instead, it’s about connecting to a higher force, to the divine masculine energy, and letting it guide and support our feminine essence.

The Role of the Feminine

At its peak, the feminine energy is a potent receiver. It’s not about seeking support but about being the support. This is a transformative perspective that goes beyond societal constructs. While the world might see the feminine as vulnerable, in its true essence, it is indestructible, powerful, and the very foundation that supports the masculine.

The feminine’s role is akin to the universe’s space – the vast expanse that holds everything, allowing creation to take place. It’s the nurturing soil in which seeds sprout, grow, and flourish.

A Note from Scripture

In Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” This passage emphasizes the divine balance and interconnectedness of the masculine and feminine energies, both of which reflect God’s essence.

Embracing Balance

In embracing the true essence of the feminine, we find balance, harmony, and a deeper connection to the universe and everything within it. By understanding and harnessing this powerful energy, we pave the way for personal and collective ascension.

Quote: “The feminine’s true power lies not in seeking support, but in being the support.” – Bentinho Massaro