I Am: Finding Wholeness and Freedom

Have you found yourself feeling limited, confined by the idea of who you think you are? Do notions of confidence and empowerment seem to fall short? If so, it may be time to explore the teachings of Bentinho Massaro and his understanding of the “I Am”.

Massaro delves into the idea that our typical perception of self – who we believe we are – is just a fragment of our true nature. We often limit ourselves to the idea of “I am this” – a specific body, a personality, a set of experiences within a world. While useful for navigating life, this view can leave us feeling isolated and unfulfilled.

Expanding Your Sense of Self

Massaro suggests that we open ourselves up to a broader understanding and connect with what he calls presence energy – the fundamental substance of creation. He teaches that at our core, we are pure awareness, a consciousness wrapped around this presence energy. This deeper awareness is what gives rise to the feeling of “I Am”. It is the pure presence, the fundamental nature of all that exists.

This expansive awareness is something we all possess. By consciously bringing our focus beyond the limited “I am this,” we tap into a power and clarity that can help us find fulfillment and self-realization.

The Path to Self-Realization

Massaro teaches that it helps to have some resonance with the concept of self-realization. It doesn’t mean giving up on the person you are now, but rather expanding your awareness to see beyond those confines. Here’s how to begin:

  • Relax and Disown: Take a deep breath and briefly let go of all thoughts and ideas about who you are.
  • Experience Spaciousness: Become aware of the space within and around you. See with clarity your pure inner awareness.
  • Recognize the Inner Knowing: Notice that there is an undeniable awareness, a ‘knowingness’ within you that is always present.

This simple practice can begin to loosen the grip of the limited sense of self. When you tap into this more spacious awareness, a sense of freedom and potential begins to grow.

Happiness and the Limitless Self

Don’t be discouraged by the seeming failure of ideas like the Law of Attraction. Massaro maintains that true happiness does exist, and it comes from understanding our true existence beyond the “I am this”. When you recognize the limitless I Am within, you start to unlock those tools of confidence, authenticity, and fulfillment, operating from a place of greater power and stability.

Massaro reminds us that self-exploration, though sometimes challenging, can lead to extraordinary revelations. When we become aware of the flimsy personal constructs we’ve built around ourselves, they begin to dissolve. There’s a joy in recognizing your true nature, a shift from feeling fragile and limited to feeling grounded in the vastness of “I Am”.

If you’re ready to explore your true potential and move beyond the limits of self, consider delving more deeply into Bentinho Massaro’s teachings.

Spiritual Reference: The concept of recognizing the divine nature within all of creation is echoed in many spiritual texts, including the Bible: “Know that I am in the Father, and the Father is in me, and you are in me, and I am in you.” (John 14:20)

Summary Points:

  • Limited Self: Our typical understanding of self (“I am this”) focuses on our body, personality, and specific experiences – this can feel limiting and unfulfilling.
  • Expansive Awareness: We are more than this limited self. We possess a deeper awareness that is connected to the fundamental energy of creation – this is the true source of the sense of “I Am.”
  • Beyond Limits: By shifting our focus beyond the “I am this,” we tap into more expansive possibilities, increased clarity, and a deeper sense of fulfillment.
  • Self-Realization: Having some openness to self-realization helps you embrace this expanded awareness, leading to a sense of potential and wholeness.
  • True Happiness: Don’t be discouraged if tools like the Law of Attraction seem to fall short. True happiness lies in understanding our existence beyond the limits of the individual self.


  1. Practice the “Relax and Disown” Exercise:
    • Find a quiet moment.
    • Release thoughts and beliefs about who you are.
    • Focus on the spaciousness of your inner awareness.
    • Feel the pure presence and the simple fact of “I Am.”
  2. Explore Bentinho Massaro’s Teachings Further: If these ideas resonate with you, delve deeper into Massaro’s work for expanded guidance.
  3. Continue Self-Exploration: Commit to a path of questioning your own self-concepts and investigating your true nature. This may challenge your old perceptions, but promises tremendous growth.