The Nature of Your Reality: A Consciousness Perspective

Have you ever wondered about the nature of your reality? Bentinho shares an intriguing perspective that challenges our conventional understanding of existence.

Imagine a world where time doesn’t exist. This means everything that can happen has already happened. Sounds confusing, right? But here’s the catch: your reality is not about creating or manifesting new things. It’s about shifting through different ‘slides’ or configurations of the universe.

You, as consciousness, are constantly moving through these configurations so fluently that you’re unaware of the changes. It’s like flicking a light switch on and off so fast that you only see continuous light.

This idea also extends to change. In a world without time, change, as we understand it, is impossible. What is, simply is. It cannot become something else. So, when we experience change, like our hair growing, it’s not actually growing. Instead, we’re shifting to a version of ourselves with longer hair.

This concept might be a lot to take in. But it essentially means that every moment, every reality you’ve experienced or will experience, is already here, existing parallel to each other within your consciousness.

So, what about creating an amazing life? According to Bentinho, it’s all about being changeable within your state of being. Detach how you feel from your circumstances, and you’ll realize you’re not separate from your experiences or circumstances. They simply reflect you.

A Spiritual Insight

This idea resonates with a spiritual truth found in many teachings. For instance, the Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” This highlights the concept of an unchanging essence amidst the ever-changing world.

A Quote to Reflect On

“Reality is not what it seems; it is a dance of consciousness with the illusion of time and space.” – Bentinho

Remember, the universe is a playground. Play, explore, and above all, enjoy the dance of being!