Navigating Your Own Universe: Exploring the Power of Choice and Perspective

Have you ever thought about being the center of your own universe? Yes, you are! This isn’t just a feel-good statement; it’s a profound truth that shapes our experiences and perceptions. Bentinho shares insights into this idea.

The Illusion of a Single Reality

We often think of our world as a singular, unchanging reality. But what if it’s more dynamic than that? Imagine there are countless versions of Earth, each with its own story. Some thrive, while others face challenges. This isn’t about changing a particular version; it’s about choosing which version you experience. Your choice shapes your journey through these infinite possibilities.

The Role of Consciousness

Our relationship with the universe and our consciousness is crucial. It’s not so much about altering the external world but about shifting our internal perspective. Each moment, we choose where to focus our attention, and this choice is the true cutting edge. Like a director choosing scenes in a film, we select the realities we want to engage with.

Understanding the Static and the Dynamic

The idea that our realities are static yet we move through them dynamically might seem paradoxical. But it’s like flipping through a book – each page (reality) is static, yet our journey through them (consciousness) is dynamic. We’re not changing the pages; we’re choosing which to read.

Creating Your Universe

So, how do we create our own universe? By focusing on our inner state and choices. If we’re too absorbed in trying to change the external world, we miss the point. The external world is a stage for our consciousness to explore and grow. It’s about learning, experiencing, and expanding our understanding of who we are.

The Bible and Spiritual Insight

This concept echoes a spiritual truth found in many traditions. For instance, the Bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). This suggests that our inner state shapes our reality, aligning with the idea of choosing our universe through consciousness.


“To navigate your universe, focus not on changing the world but on choosing your world.” – Bentinho

“You get to choose each and every moment where you put your attention. And that is what is cutting edge.”

Bible/Spiritual Book Reference

Ecclesiastes 3:15 (NIV): “Whatever exists has already been determined; what will be has been before; God will call the past back again.”