Discovering Your Calling and Making Course Corrections

In our ever-evolving journey, understanding our calling and making course corrections becomes paramount. Let’s delve deep into this concept, drawing insights from Bentinho’s teachings.

A sailboat without direction gets carried away by whichever direction the wind blows. Much like our lives, if we don’t have clarity on our destination, we become susceptible to external influences. Bentinho often emphasized the need for us to have a calling, a purpose that we can realign to. It’s akin to having a compass that points us to our true north. The ocean doesn’t have a straight path, and neither does life. The waves and storms might deter us momentarily, but when we have clarity on our calling, we can always course correct.

Many, during their reflective moments, resonate with the calling of making people experience inner connection. But a calling isn’t just a phrase, it’s an experience. It’s about people feeling, realizing, or knowing Oneness. Bentinho calls it the wholeness, the state of being connected to everything.

The challenges arise when our current patterns of thinking and feeling are misaligned with our calling. A recurrent thought pattern that many confront is feeling incomplete or fragmented. Ben frequently refers to this as being ‘Out of Alignment’ with one’s true self. Our emotions act as an Emotional Guidance System, signaling when we are straying from our truth. When we feel discomfort, it’s often because we are holding beliefs that are not in alignment with our true nature.

This misalignment is a result of various conditioning we undergo, from society, family, experiences, and our interpretations. The emphasis is not on avoiding this conditioning, but recognizing it, and understanding that we can choose differently. Bentinho’s teachings shine a light on the fact that our very incarnation is an opportunity to transform a fragment of humanity’s collective darkness into light. Our bodies, minds, and experiences are not merely personal but carry a universal significance. We are here to transmute our challenges, not just for personal growth but for collective elevation.

To understand our suffering and our joys, Bentinho suggests that we need to see them in the broader context of our soul’s mission. Our incarnation, our very being in this life, is a service. When we step back and see this, we are not just lifting our burdens; we are lighting the way for others.

To encapsulate the essence of Bentinho’s words, “Your incarnation is humanity’s darkness, and you’re transforming it into light.”

“Your incarnation is humanity’s darkness, and you’re transforming it into light.” – Bentinho Massaro