Exploring the Spiritual Journey of Humanity: Insights from Experiment Earth

Have you ever stopped to think about the planet beneath your feet? It’s not just a mass of land and water; it’s a living, breathing entity. Bentinho teaches us to extend our consciousness beyond our physical bodies and truly connect with the Earth. By doing so, we not only acknowledge its existence but also respect and love the being that is Earth.

When we delve deeper, we begin to see the Earth not just as our home but as a reflection of ourselves. Each part of this planet, from the bustling cities to the secluded tribes in the mountains, contributes to the vast tapestry of life. Our planet is a blend of landscapes, cultures, and billions of people, each with their own stories, dreams, and struggles. This perspective is what Ben calls “Experiment Earth” – a project of immense scale and significance.

Humanity’s Collective Calling

Imagine the collective consciousness of all people on Earth. Each individual, with their unique life and experiences, is as valuable and deserving as you are. There’s a powerful calling within this collective, a cry for help, guidance, and love. This cry isn’t just heard on Earth; it echoes throughout the galaxy and beyond, attracting the attention of countless beings, both physical and non-physical.

Ben encourages us to realize that we’re not alone in this vast universe. There are others, both on Earth and in higher densities, drawn to this calling, eager to offer their support and knowledge. They, however, can only do so much without infringing upon our free will. This is where we, as human beings, come into play.

The Role of Spiritual Seekers

As part of this grand experiment, we are called to action. Ben stresses the importance of not being complacent or tolerant of things that hinder our growth and service to others. We are needed more than ever to facilitate transformation and change on Earth. This means following our hearts, acting on our excitement, and letting go of doubts and fears.

Your Part in the Cosmic Play

You have a role to play in this vast project. It’s about loving and respecting our planet and every being on it. Be the guiding light, the eye of the hurricane in these times of awakening. As people seek answers and new ways of living, be the resource they can turn to for clarity and guidance. Connect, share, and be an example.

The Ultimate Reward

When you dedicate yourself to this cause, when you offer yourself until there’s nothing left, you experience true perfection and union. This is the taste of unconditional love and life, where every aspect of your existence is without conditions. Ben’s message is clear: Embrace your role in Experiment Earth, and find profound joy in loving and serving your fellow humans.

Bible Reference

This message resonates with a powerful biblical quote: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). It speaks to the heart of what Ben teaches: to embrace and serve others with the same love and respect we have for ourselves.


“To love our planet is to respect and love its beings. We are all part of a grand design, interconnected and invaluable.” – Ben