Embracing Your Power: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

In the realm of spirituality, we often hear about the concept of personal power and how it can transform our lives. But what does it truly mean to be powerful? Is it about control, dominance, or influence over others? Or is there a deeper, more profound understanding of power that goes beyond conventional definitions?

True power, as perceived from a spiritual perspective, is not about asserting authority or overpowering others. It is a state of being that aligns us with the creative force of the universe, the source of all existence. It is about recognizing and embracing our innate potential, our connection to the divine, and our ability to shape our reality.

However, this journey towards realizing our power is not a race or a competition. It is a personal and unique process that unfolds at our own pace and comfort level. We are encouraged to progress step by step, gradually expanding our awareness and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

At times, we may find ourselves hesitant to fully embrace our power due to the fear that doing so means others must lack power. This notion of false humility arises from a limited perspective that sees life as a finite resource, where one person’s happiness or power diminishes that of others. But this is a man-made belief, not a divine truth.

The creator, the higher self, perceives creation as an infinite and abundant tapestry of interconnected realities. There is no lack or scarcity in this perception, and thus, there is no need to steal happiness or power from others. True power lies in recognizing our intrinsic goodness, our inherent abundance, and aligning ourselves with the creator’s perspective.

To become more like the higher self, we need to shift our perception to align with its expansive and inclusive view. We can start by clearing out any perspectives that make us feel bad, that contract our energy and distance us from the truth of creation. Our emotional body serves as a guidance system, signaling when we are moving away from alignment with our higher self.

Feeling good is an indicator that our perspective is closer to the truth of creation, while feeling bad alerts us to incorrect perceptions. By transforming negative perspectives rooted in lack, unworthiness, and fear into holistic, compassionate, and abundant viewpoints, we can instantly feel better and open ourselves to receive more of our higher self.

The journey towards an amazing life involves paying attention to when we feel bad, understanding that it is an opportunity for growth and expansion. By changing our perspectives and choosing ones that feel amazing, we widen our channel to receive more of our higher self, allowing its wisdom and joy to flow through us.

The emotional body is not a random mechanism; it is a clear guidance system from our higher self to our lower self. It signals whether our perspective is correct or incorrect, right or wrong, in terms of alignment with our true nature. When we feel contracted and limited, we are pinching ourselves off from the flow of higher self-consciousness. However, when we feel expansive and aligned, we are attuned to the way the creator sees itself.

In order to accelerate our expansion and align more with our higher self, we must let go of the human view of life. This includes relinquishing beliefs rooted in lack, unworthiness, and fear. It requires becoming selfless enough to transcend barriers of sin and arrogance, and realizing that our fear of arrogance is itself an arrogant belief.

The ego, often associated with arrogance, is actually a substitute servant that takes care of us when we do not. It emerges when we reinforce the belief that feeling bad is the way to take care of ourselves. Paradoxically, the ego-free state appears bright, luminous, and shiny, radiating freedom and power. It stands out not because it is arrogant, but because it contrasts with the prevailing limited viewpoints.

To shine brightly is to be a whistleblower on the ignorance of humanity. It is to show others that they have the option to redefine their reality, to choose joy and expand their consciousness. By radiating joy, we demonstrate that happiness is not a finite resource to be stolen or hoarded but an infinite and accessible state of being.

Everyone has the capacity to shine, to radiate their unique brilliance, and when we all do, no one stands out because we all stand out. This collective radiance creates a harmonious and accelerated evolution where spirituality becomes redundant, and the inseparability of all life becomes evident.

When we embrace our power and shine our light, we become a living example of expanded consciousness. We inspire others to learn from our state of being, to embrace their own brilliance, and to accelerate their personal growth. In this way, we become catalysts for transformation and contribute to the collective expansion of consciousness.

It is essential not to yearn for instant manifestation or to rush through our journey. Instead, we should appreciate the gradual unfolding of our path, enjoying each step and finding joy in the present moment. As we become more conscious and aligned, we learn more efficiently, and our ability to manifest our desires accelerates.

However, as we accelerate our learning, two days may feel like two years because we are extracting more wisdom and knowledge from each moment. We must learn to be patient with the process, appreciating that time is subjective and that our journey is unique. Patience becomes unnecessary when we fully embrace the joy and appreciation of our present experience.

In this ever-expanding journey of self-discovery, we become the creators of our reality. We shape our lives by consciously choosing our responses, our creations, and our feelings. By being in constant appreciation, confidence, and alignment, we become the embodiment of our higher selves, manifesting our desires with greater speed and frequency.

Ultimately, the book of our life has already been written, and each moment is a reflection of our story. By embracing our power and radiating our unique brilliance, we become living examples for others, teaching them the power of self-realization and the joy of living in alignment with their higher selves. As we collectively shine, we contribute to the evolution of consciousness, and the distinction between spiritual and non-spiritual dissolves into the expansive flow of life.

Remember, you are the creator, and the power to shape your reality lies within you. Embrace your power, shine your light, and witness the transformation that unfolds both within and around you.