The power of our focus and attention is limitless, as Bentinho Massaro beautifully elucidates in his talk, “What You Look For You Will Find”. He encourages us to be mindful of what we focus on and to direct our attention towards the things we desire in life – whether it’s abundant health, enriching relationships, or financial freedom. According to Massaro, the universe is an echo chamber that amplifies what we pay attention to, making it essential for us to channel our energy and focus towards the positive and productive.

Massaro’s unique take on the law of attraction encourages us not to focus on what we lack, but rather on the abundance that is already present in our lives. He suggests a simple, powerful method to do this – acknowledge the things that are already going well in our lives. By doing this, we amplify positive energies and invite more of the same into our lives. This idea resonates with the core principle of gratitude, where acknowledging our blessings leads to an abundance mindset.

According to Massaro, we have complete control over our experiences, perceptions, and what we manifest in our lives. The key is vibrational control, which refers to the energy and emotions we exude. We must learn to command our creative energy in alignment with love and service, while acknowledging that the power to manifest our desires resides within us. This realization places the control panel for life squarely in our hands, allowing us to manifest our desires effectively and efficiently.

The core idea that Massaro stresses is that we are essentially perfect as we are. The true question is, how valuable are we to the intention that set up this life to begin with? The focus here is not on judging our core being, but rather on discerning how relevant we are for what we want to explore. By harnessing the power of our focus, being mindful of what we seek, and being conscious of our vibrational energy, we can effectively navigate the journey of life and manifest our desires.