Unblocking the Flow: Embrace Movement, Forget Circumstances

At some point in our lives, we all tend to hesitate. We postpone our dreams, put our desires on hold, and await the “right” circumstances. But Bentinho, a voice in modern spirituality, reminds us of a crucial realization: our actions and movements shape our reality.

Often, we’re waiting for the ideal conditions before taking a step. We await a certain amount of money, the right career, or external validation. However, this waiting game only reflects our own postponements. We become victims of our limiting beliefs, and our lives stagnate, preventing the free flow of energy and joy.

Do Not Postpone Your True Self

Our desires – whether it’s a million dollars or a new career – are merely symbols. They represent a deep-seated desire to be our true selves, to act authentically, and to express who we really are. But waiting for external symbols or circumstances can only delay our journey towards our true selves.

Bentinho suggests that instead of focusing on these symbols or objects, we should focus on our state of being. When we recognize and prioritize our state of being over external circumstances, we realize that circumstances are fluid and are often a reflection of our internal state.

Acting on Joy

Acting on what brings us joy, regardless of circumstances, allows life to reflect our inner state. Bentinho mentions how money, for many, symbolizes freedom – an attribute they might feel they currently lack. But waiting for money or any other external factor to experience freedom only keeps us trapped in our own limiting beliefs.

The core of disappointment is not living authentically. This gap between our true selves and our current state creates a sense of lack, separation, and even depression. But when we start to act, move, and flow authentically, life becomes more exciting and less disappointing.

Live a Life of Greatness

Bentinho often reminds us that living a life of greatness doesn’t necessarily mean achieving great feats or accomplishments in the eyes of the world. It means living in a way that feels expansive and fulfilling to us. Such a life can be simple or grand, but it’s defined by how authentic and joyful it feels.

When we live authentically and greatly, we inspire others, not just by our deeds but by our energy. This energy can influence and uplift others, even those we might never meet.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

In Conclusion

The essence of Bentinho’s teachings is clear: Don’t wait for circumstances to align. Act, move, and live authentically, and the universe will reflect your inner state. By focusing on our true selves and acting on our joys, we can unblock the flow and live a life that resonates with greatness.