Awakening to True Awareness

Everyday, we move through life believing we’re experiencing real, tangible things. Yet, Bentinho points out a profound realization: we’ve never actually interacted with a “thing”. Instead, all we’ve ever known is perception. It’s a baffling truth to grapple with – we’ve never directly experienced an object outside of our own perception.

Let’s simplify this. Consider for a moment that everything you’ve ever experienced is just a series of perceptions. You’ve never touched a “real” apple, you’ve only interacted with your perception of an apple. 7 billion people move through the world under the assumption that they’re amidst tangible things, yet no one has ever truly encountered a thing outside of their perception.

Interestingly, even science, which we often regard as the beacon of objectivity, is rooted in this same conundrum. Many scientific explorations rest upon the study of objects, yet if we’ve never experienced an actual object, isn’t this pursuit based on a foundational belief? In this sense, science becomes a belief system, similar to religious faith.

But let’s not get lost in the maze of perceptions and beliefs. The real invitation here is to dive into a direct experience of life, without the interference of our descriptive minds. It’s about being present, being heartful, and seeing things as they truly are. As Bentinho emphasizes, “The less you think, the more you see.” It’s a call to awaken awareness.

Take a moment to pause and cease your thoughts. Remain aware of what’s left when your mind stops chattering. What you find might surprise you. When you remove thought, you find the ever-present awareness, the wide open space of your being. This awareness is like a light that illuminates all our experiences, much like a projector casting a movie on a screen.

And this awareness, this light, is inseparable from everything. It’s the foundation, the essence, of every experience. It’s a profound realization to see that everything is made up of this loving awareness, this divine light.

“The less you think, the more you see; when you stop thinking, what remains? Be awake to witness that moment.” – Bentinho Massaro

The Bible reinforces this idea in 1 John 1:5, “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” Much like Bentinho’s message, this verse speaks to the omnipresent nature of divine light and awareness.