“If you don’t see your epic just by being you, then you’re missing the point, you’re missing the truth, the very obvious truth of your existence.” – Bentinho Massaro

In the world of self-discovery and personal growth, Bentinho Massaro encourages us to tap into our innate power. His teachings remind us that we have the ability to be amazing just by embracing who we truly are.

Choosing Your Thoughts: The Key to Being Amazing

One of the central ideas in Ben’s teachings is the concept of choosing your thoughts consciously. He emphasizes that thoughts are not merely words in our minds; they are entire perspectives, angles, and realities. When you choose a thought that makes you feel amazing, you align with your true essence.

Imagine this: for two hours, you set aside time in your day to pick a thought that resonates with you, one that makes you feel amazing, powerful, and epic. Every minute, for ten seconds, you focus on this thought. It might be about your potential, your creativity, or your ability to shape your reality. Ben suggests setting a timer to ensure consistency.

Shifting from Victim to Creator

By dedicating these two hours to consciously choosing empowering thoughts, you start to experience a profound shift in your identity. You move away from feeling like a victim and towards embracing your role as a creator. You become aware that you hold the power to shape your reality, to decide what happens in your life.

Ben reminds us that we’re here to create and that our true purpose often lies just beyond the horizon of our awareness. By consistently choosing thoughts that align with our innate power, we speed up the process of discovering and fulfilling our life’s purpose.

“You are God, and this will make the previous two weeks, which are available on YouTube… it will amplify these meetings and make it that much more sensible for you.” – Bentinho Massaro

Accelerating Your Journey

This practice of consciously choosing empowering thoughts for two hours can have a profound and lasting impact. It not only boosts your self-esteem but also accelerates your personal growth journey. You begin to realize that you are more than a passive observer of life; you are an active creator of your reality.

Imagine the positive effects this simple exercise can have on your life—a life filled with abundance, freedom, and the joy of knowing that you have the power to decide what happens. You become the slaver, not the slave, of your own energy and reality.

Embrace Your Birthright: Be Amazing

Bentinho Massaro’s wisdom reminds us of our birthright: to be amazing, powerful, and creative beings. We can choose thoughts that reflect our true nature and accelerate our journey towards self-discovery and purpose.

As Ben encourages, “Feel worthy of this. Know that this is your destiny.” Embrace your inner power, and watch as your life transforms into something truly extraordinary.

Bible Reference: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” – Proverbs 23:7