The Power of Expectation: What Are You Looking For?

In his teachings on the Law of Attraction, Bentinho Massaro emphasizes the importance of our expectations and what we are consciously seeking in life. He reminds us that what we look for, we will find, making it crucial to be mindful and deliberate in our focus. By understanding and aligning our vibrations with the things we desire, such as abundance, health, and fulfilling relationships, we can shape our reality and manifest our dreams. This blog post explores the concept of intentional expectation and how it influences our experiences.

According to Bentinho, the key lies in being conscious of what we expect to find and changing those expectations to align with our desires. Rather than dwelling on lack or scarcity, we must focus on the abundance and presence of what we truly want. For example, if we seek financial prosperity, we can adopt an attitude of expectancy and curiosity, as if we have misplaced a million dollars and are eager to find it. By maintaining a positive vibration and feeling the joy of already possessing what we desire, we attract it into our lives.

The same principle applies to our health. Instead of focusing on symptoms or ailments, we can focus on the vibrant well-being we desire. By acknowledging the aspects of our health that are already functioning optimally, we create a positive momentum. As we embrace the abundance of health and consciously appreciate the intricate workings of our bodies, we open the door for more evidence of well-being to flow into our experience.

To amplify this process, Bentinho suggests acknowledging everything going well in our lives. By focusing on the positive aspects and expressing gratitude for what is already working, we amplify those experiences. This practice creates momentum that the universe responds to, bringing more of what we appreciate and acknowledge into our reality. It is a reminder that we have complete responsibility for what we perceive and experience, and by focusing on our vibrations, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, we can shape our creations.

This teaching on intentional expectation stresses the power we possess to manifest the life we desire. By consciously aligning our vibrations with abundance, health, and positive relationships, we shift our focus from lack to fulfillment. Understanding that we are the creators of our reality allows us to take control of our experiences. By acknowledging and appreciating what is already going well, we build momentum and invite more of the desired manifestations into our lives. With this awareness and deliberate focus, we can embark on a path of growth, exploration, and fulfillment.