The concept of the “Harvest” is intriguing, particularly in the context of spiritual evolution. Bentinho describes the Harvest as a significant shift in our collective consciousness. This shift takes us from the self-awareness of third density to the love, understanding, and transparency of fourth density. It’s a journey towards higher capabilities like clairvoyance and telepathy.

In simple terms, we’re on the brink of a big change. We’ve been teetering on this threshold for some time, and now we’re stepping into a new phase of existence. This change is gradual, affecting those deeply connected to humanity’s journey through thousands of years.

When someone passes away during this period, they undergo a “review process.” This isn’t anything new; it’s a part of every life cycle. But now, it’s more focused on determining whether an individual will progress into fourth density or find their path elsewhere.

The Harvest isn’t just about individual growth. It’s a collective shift, allowing many beings from third density to ascend together. Fortunately, this transition is happening gently, without the physical destruction once thought necessary.

An interesting aspect of this transformation involves “Wanderers.” These are beings who come to Earth not primarily for their own lessons, but to serve humanity. They’ve already experienced the shift from third to fourth density in their own journeys. By sharing their higher vibrations, they aid in elevating our collective consciousness.

This concept of gradual transformation is crucial. Unlike a sudden, chaotic change, our shift is more like a gentle unfolding. As we evolve, outdated structures and ways of thinking will fall away, making room for new, more enlightened perspectives.


“Transformation is not a sudden upheaval, but a gentle unfolding of consciousness, guiding us from one density of being to another.” – Bentinho

Spiritual Reference

A fitting reference from the Bible that resonates with this concept is from Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”