Journeying Between the Physical and Non-Physical

Have you ever felt stuck in your physical existence? Like you’re rooted in place, unable to see past the tangible realities that bind you? It’s time to explore a concept introduced by Bentinho: the interplay between the physical and non-physical focus.

Bentinho introduces the idea that our physical focus is a mere facet of our larger consciousness. It’s the outermost layer, so to speak. While we shouldn’t dismiss the physical world, it’s crucial to recognize it for what it is: the final reflection of our inner state. Our physical surroundings are mere echoes of our past beliefs, emotions, and state of being.

This might sound abstract, but think of it this way: imagine you’re playing catch with a tennis ball. Each time you toss it, do you run after it? Hopefully not. But in life, we often chase after the results of our actions, thoughts, and emotions. We become so entrenched in our physical circumstances that we forget the power lies with the one throwing the ball, not the ball itself.

Bentinho’s message is clear: our external world mirrors our internal vibrational state. It’s not about reacting to what we see. Instead, we should use our physical circumstances as a guide to understand our past vibrational focus. This knowledge then provides the clarity to shape our future with intention.

Consider this: you’re not limited to what you can see and touch. Rather, you are an expansive being with the power to mold your reality. When you shift your perspective from a primarily physical one to a vibrational one, limitless possibilities unfold.

In this vast universe, it’s humbling and empowering to realize that, as Bentinho often says, you’re both the creator and the observer. Even when you feel trapped in a repetitive loop, remember: it’s a loop of your own creation. By shifting your vibrational focus, you can rewrite your story.

To find harmony and understanding, engage with both the physical and non-physical, letting neither completely dominate your perspective.

“Our external world mirrors our internal vibrational state. Mold your reality with intention and understanding.” – Bentinho Massaro