Arrogance and beliefs have a tricky way of intertwining in our lives, creating patterns that might not serve us well. Bentinho sheds light on this intricate dance between our beliefs and the arrogance that sometimes accompanies them.

The Dance of Arrogance and Beliefs

When we look at arrogance through the lens of our belief systems, we find that it’s often rooted in a place of lack or insecurity. For instance, someone might exude arrogance as a way to compensate for feelings of unworthiness. It’s like putting on a mask to hide the true belief that lurks beneath the surface. This might look like someone boasting about their achievements or belittling others, all in an effort to make themselves feel bigger and better.

But, Bentinho encourages us to dig deeper, to tune into the background feeling and understand the true nature of our beliefs. These beliefs might not always present themselves as clear thoughts or sentences. Instead, they manifest as a subtle energy that influences our actions and perceptions.

The Journey to Self-Reflection

Engaging in self-reflection can be a challenging, yet rewarding process. It requires us to pause and look inward, to question the beliefs that are driving our arrogance. Bentinho suggests a method of perceiving these beliefs at a causal level, which goes beyond thoughts, words, and symbols. It’s about tuning into the subtle vibrations of our consciousness to uncover the root of our beliefs.

This process might initially feel like stepping into an empty, nebulous space of consciousness. But with practice, we can learn to recognize and work with these subtle energies to transform our beliefs and, consequently, our actions.

The Power of Humility

Embracing humility plays a crucial role in this process of transformation. Humility allows us to let go of the need to be the greatest or to constantly prove our worth. Instead, it opens us up to the possibility of growth and self-improvement.

By recognizing and addressing our arrogance and misaligned beliefs, we create space for positive change. We learn to align our beliefs with the pure, undistorted light of our true being, leading to a state of bliss, love, and completeness.


Addressing the dance between arrogance and beliefs is not about suppressing our personality or achievements. It’s about finding balance and aligning our beliefs with our true nature. By doing so, we open ourselves up to a life filled with love, humility, and genuine self-awareness.

Quote: “Embracing humility allows us to see beyond the clouds of arrogance, illuminating the path to genuine self-awareness and transformation.”

Bible Reference: “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” – Luke 14:11