The whole, the cosmic dance of life, and existence, doesn’t need us to be itself; it is, intrinsically, unendingly, the One. Yet, we as unique reflections of this Infinity, are here to express ourselves in our distinct, individual ways. This expression isn’t a duplication or imitation of the One but rather a projection of our unique facets of Infinity. In essence, Infinity may not need us, but it desires us to be ourselves, to be uniquely us.

For Bentinho, the root of inspiration can be traced back to Infinity’s desire to know itself in new ways, never explored before. This divine desire, he explains, funnels down through the higher self to the human being, urging us to express our unique, limited paradigm in the world.

Interestingly, Bentinho suggests that the higher self is also a fragment of Infinity, albeit a bigger one that includes numerous shards within itself. It’s more expanded, experienced, and thus, it guides us. It propels us to express ourselves in ways it has never done before, thereby contributing to the evolutionary dance of the cosmos.

The essence of our existence, Bentinho emphasizes, is to create, to enjoy, to expand, and to follow our inspiration thread fearlessly. As we genuinely align ourselves with this inspiration thread, we strengthen the connection with the deeper layers of our consciousness and expand our bandwidth to tap into the more permanent levels of existence.

Bentinho’s approach to self-realization and self-actualization isn’t limited to introspection or withdrawal from the world. He encourages us to immerse ourselves in the joyous, dynamic engagement with life. To participate and enjoy our own creation, our “party of existence.”

Finally, he implores us to replace our skepticism, cynicism, and realism with openness, joy, and expansiveness. The journey to embracing Infinity involves shedding limiting beliefs and stepping into our true power fearlessly. Bentinho nudges us to value our existence, our unique reflections of the One, because our individuated expression of Infinity is fascinating to Infinity itself.