The Dance of Source Within You

Have you ever been told that you are an immediate extension of the universe? This isn’t just a poetic way to boost self-worth. Bentinho, reminds us that we are direct channels of pure confidence, faith, knowledge, and even darkness. Our imagination doesn’t merely create mental images; it actively triggers states of consciousness within us, allowing us to become the frequencies we focus on.

This is the magic of the ‘Extension of Source.’

Consciousness: Your Tuning Fork

Every moment presents us with myriad perspectives, and the lens through which we view a situation determines our state of being. Bentinho, or Ben as some fondly call him, believes that where we place our consciousness dictates our experience. So, when our meditation is interrupted by a ringing phone or we witness a disheartening event, we still hold the power to deliberately focus our consciousness on something that uplifts us.

Regardless of what our mental, emotional, or physical bodies might present, Ben asserts that we always have a choice in how we direct our focus. Even in the midst of a thousand negative thoughts, our consciousness can be anchored in the state of “holistic positivity.”

Beyond Judgement: A Holistic View

But what does “holistic positivity” truly mean? It’s not about sugar-coating or avoiding challenges. Instead, it’s about understanding that every situation, even the seemingly negative ones, can be viewed from a higher perspective of unity and well-being.

Take homelessness, for example. While it’s easy to feel sympathetic, making a blanket judgment that it’s universally sad or unfortunate doesn’t give room for the myriad experiences and emotions within it. The rich person in a mansion might be battling internal struggles, and the homeless individual might have found a form of happiness many cannot fathom. Life, as Ben explains, is a show of consciousness.

Harnessing the Power of Conscious Choice

All of life’s events, Ben suggests, are merely scenes we’ve agreed upon before our physical embodiment. These themes or scenes, although predetermined, are influenced by our states of being. How we traverse through them, how much we learn, and how we feel are determined by where we place our focus. With the right attitude and conscious choice, we can journey through these scenes with ease and joy, sometimes even completing lifelong lessons in a split second.

Your Consciousness, Your Reality

At its core, the teachings of Bentinho Massaro are an empowering reminder that our reality is shaped by our focus. In each moment, we have the divine choice to align with holistic positivity, reshaping not just our personal experience, but also contributing to the collective consciousness in a beneficial way. Remember, the extension of the source isn’t something outside of you; it’s a frequency that you can tune into at any given moment. Choose wisely.