Tuning Into Inspiration: How to Ignite Your Inner Fire

Have you ever felt a spark of excitement, a burst of joy that makes your day feel like an adventure? That’s inspiration calling! Bentinho, says, “Tune into your inspiration, your excitement, your bliss. What turns you on in life completely? Follow that joy fearlessly.”

Inspiration isn’t random. It’s a beacon guiding you to express yourself more fully. Bentinho urges us to follow our joy even when afraid, respecting others’ free will and maintaining integrity. He says, “As soon as you sacrifice your integrity, you lower your frequency.”

The universe is a kaleidoscope of infinite parallel realities. If you encounter an obstacle, shift to a reality where it doesn’t exist. Your higher self guides you, either to change your frequency or to learn a lesson. Bentinho emphasizes, “You can always experience yourself in any way you wish, regardless of what’s happening.”

You’ve never actually experienced a circumstance. What you experience is your response, your perception. Circumstances are like smoke and mirrors. They don’t dictate your state of being. Bentinho advises, “Stop waiting. Act on your desire regardless of whether you seem to have the means to do it.”

So, ignite your inner fire. Tune into what makes you feel alive. Remember, you’re shaping your reality with every thought and feeling.

“Your state of being formulates physical reality. Tune into your inspiration and shape your world.” – Bentinho

Spiritual Reference
This concept aligns with the Bible’s teachings in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It suggests that our inner thoughts and feelings shape our reality.