Embracing Trust in the Reality of Perception

In a world bustling with objects and endless activities, we often forget the essence of our true existence. Today, let’s explore a concept that might seem a bit out there at first glance but stick with me—it’s about understanding and trusting in the nature of perception itself. Bentinho shares insights that challenge our everyday beliefs and invite us to see beyond the apparent.

Imagine for a moment that everything you’ve ever known is based on perception. Yes, everything. The chair you’re sitting on, the device you’re reading this post with, even the air you’re breathing—all of these are experienced not as objects themselves but as perceptions within your consciousness. It’s a bold statement, but as Bentinho explains, no one has ever directly encountered an actual “thing” outside of their perception. This idea may sound strange, but it offers a freeing perspective once you grasp its depth.

The Illusion of Objects

We live in a consensus reality where seven billion people assume we’re surrounded by objects. Yet, this shared belief is just that—an assumption. Science, with all its objective claims, operates on faith in these assumptions, making it, as Bentinho points out, a belief system in its own right. But what happens when we pause and reflect on this? When we start to question the very foundation of our perceived reality?

Awakening to Truth

Awakening to the truth of our being requires us to see as it is, without the interference of thought. Thoughts, while useful, often cloud our direct experience of life. To truly awaken, Bentinho suggests we become “heartful” instead of just mindful. It’s about experiencing the moment as it unfolds, devoid of any preconceptions or descriptions.

At the heart of Bentinho’s message is the realization of the light within us. This light, the essence of our being, illuminates our experiences and perceptions. It is inseparable from what we are. By recognizing this light, we come to know God, the ultimate truth that everything is made of love, awareness, and the divine light of existence.

Bible Reference

This concept echoes spiritual texts such as the Bible, where in Matthew 6:22, it says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” This verse aligns with the idea that our perception, when clear and true, fills us with divine light, guiding us to see the world through the lens of love and understanding.

Quote to Remember

“Perception is the lens through which we experience our reality. Trust in it, and you will see the light of truth illuminating your path.” – Bentinho

“The world is not as we think it is, but as we are.” – Rumi

This journey into the nature of perception and the essence of our being invites us to question, explore, and ultimately trust in the unseen reality that shapes our experience. By embracing this understanding, we open ourselves to a deeper connection with the divine, seeing the world not just with our eyes but with our hearts.

The Light Within: Recognizing the Divine Spark

At the core of Bentinho’s message lies the realization of the “light within” – the essence of our being that illuminates our perceptions and experiences. This light, inseparable from who we are, connects us to the divine, the all-encompassing love and awareness that permeates existence. By recognizing this light, we come to know the true nature of reality, a reality where everything is interconnected, and separation is an illusion.