The Role of the Wanderer: Bridging Higher Realms with Earthly Experience

Wanderers. They are souls who traverse realms, venturing from their native higher densities to be of service here on Earth. While the term ‘wanderer’ sparks images of aimless drifting, in the spiritual context, it’s quite the opposite. Wanderers embody purpose, drive, and a noble desire to assist.

The essence of a wanderer lies in its overarching core personality, its soul consciousness. Beyond the human personality we recognize daily, this higher self possesses a vast experience spanning multiple physical and non-physical lifetimes. Primarily from fourth or sixth density realms, they gravitate towards service.

Their mission? To uplift, guide, and support Earth’s population during critical transformational phases, such as the shift from third to fourth density. Ben eloquently explained that the last 40 years witnessed a surge of wanderers. Their purpose was to ensure a smoother transition during Earth’s pivotal ascension period.

Being a wanderer on Earth is not without its challenges. They experience the ‘veil of forgetting’ – an intrinsic part of the third density that makes one forget their true identity. However, they take this risk, knowing the exponential benefits of their mission.

But how can one pierce this veil and remember their true self? According to Bentinho, it’s by focusing on ‘the one’. The acknowledgment and honoring of the universal ‘one’ serve as a beacon, guiding the wanderer back to their true nature.

Quote: “As you remember the one, you bring your remembrance and your honoring of the one into every single one of your actions more and more.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual Reference:
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.” – Galatians 5:22 (Bible)

Wanderers, by their nature, inspire wherever they go. They spark love, joy, abundance, and unity. And as they continue their mission, the planet undergoes rapid transformation.

However, a note of caution: wanderers should maintain a balance and not form negative perceptions about the very people they came to assist. It’s essential to always remember the love and purpose behind their journey.

In conclusion, while the road of a wanderer is not always easy, their commitment and dedication to uplift and inspire make them invaluable in Earth’s spiritual evolution.