Unlocking Your Future: The Power of Vibrational Energy

Do you often feel that luck is right around the corner, only to find that it eludes you? This feeling of contraction, this shrinking back, is an indicator that somewhere deep within, your vibrational energy isn’t aligned with what you truly desire. Bentinho’s teachings dive deep into this concept, shedding light on our intrinsic power.

Imagine this: your field of consciousness already contains an abundance of all you’ve ever desired. It’s like a limitless vault, filled to the brim with treasures waiting to be unlocked. However, unlocking it requires more than mere wishful thinking. It demands you to live your desired future now. Want a positive future? Start by feeling that positivity in this moment, because the universe is not reacting to the present circumstances but to your inner vibration.

How do you feel right now? That’s crucial, as Ben would assert. The universe is perpetually reacting to our emotional state. It doesn’t just take cues from our current situation; it takes its cues from us. That’s powerful, isn’t it? So, if you are in a continuous loop of experiencing the same outcomes, it’s likely because you’re revisiting the same feelings over and over.

If there’s one truth that Ben’s teachings emphasize, it’s this: Our current situation has no structural relationship with our future. The universe is always in the present, reading and responding to our vibrational state.

This might sound simple, but we all know the challenges. When things get tough, our immediate reaction is often situational control, rather than vibrational control. We surrender our power, allowing circumstances to dictate our feelings. This has led to what we commonly term as the ‘unconscious mind’ or the ‘ego’, an accumulation of past vibrations that influence our present.

But here’s the catch: If we truly understood the power of vibrational control, situational challenges would lose their grip over us. As Ben aptly put it, “What is has no relationship to what will be.” We are the bridge, the architects of our future. When we react negatively to the present, we inadvertently create a future that mirrors that negativity.

Drive this truth deep into your heart and being: You are in vibrational control of your reality. Every time you forget this, remind yourself. Let it become so apparent that it shapes every choice and emotion.

In essence, the universe is your dance partner. Lead with confidence, and it will follow your every step.

Quote for Photo: “Lead with confidence, and the universe will follow your every step.”