It Already Exists: The Universe’s Abundant Secrets

In our journey of life and spiritual growth, it’s pivotal to realize that we exist in a universe where everything we can imagine and desire already finds its place. When Bentinho delves deep into the concept of the universe’s offerings, he emphasizes the idea that everything we desire is already in existence, albeit on a different plane or vibrational level.

As Ben points out, we often operate from an “automatic mode” which makes us feel trapped within the bounds of our physical universe, constricting our belief system to cause and effect. This mode inherently comes with limitations, often making us believe that scarcity or lack is a natural state of things. But in reality, everything is already created. Our desires, dreams, and aspirations aren’t new additions to the universe but merely reflections of what’s already there.

When we shift our perspective and tune into our vibrational state, we recognize the truth of abundance. Instead of operating from a place of need or lack, we ought to understand that every configuration of energy already exists within us. As Ben puts it, there’s only one creation, and hence, it exists within us.

A profound realization awaits when we acknowledge that everything we long for is already manifest on some level. The statement, “Everything I desire is already accomplished,” is not just an empowering mantra but a reflection of the universe’s truth. Feeling into the vibrational stability of this thought, one can sense the power, freedom, and peace it brings.

Ben also emphasizes the importance of coming from a state of peace when trying to manifest our desires. This is evident in his teachings about self-realization, where he guides us towards recognizing the eternal, changeless state of our existence. From this peaceful foundation, devoid of ego or neediness, our ability to create and manifest is amplified.

In essence, even if we just concentrate on the empowerment teachings, we can find stability and peace by resonating with the knowledge that everything we desire is already fulfilled. Many have found solace in this understanding, as it not only relieves them from the burdens of unfulfilled desires but also infuses them with a renewed sense of purpose.

In conclusion, as we move forward in our journeys, let’s keep this foundational thought close to our hearts: everything we desire, hope for, and dream of, already exists. It’s just a matter of aligning our energies, beliefs, and actions to make them a tangible reality in our lives.

Quote : “Everything you desire already exists; it’s simply waiting for you to align with it.”