The True Nature of Frequency and Vibration

In life, nothing is random. Every thought, emotion, and action is driven by a force more powerful than we might realize – frequency and vibration. Have you ever pondered why you fluctuate between joy and its opposite, be it fear or depression? Why does certain music lift our spirits while some conversations bring us down? Bentinho Massaro, a spiritual teacher, brings forth a profound understanding of this intricate balance.

Our life, as Bentinho often describes, revolves around vibrational energies. These frequencies dictate everything, from the color of walls due to their unique vibrations to the emotions we feel. Everything has its place on the vibrational scale, and everything, in turn, affects our internal world.

Being around a depressed or angry individual can have a palpable effect on us, almost like a radiation of low frequency. But what is more invigorating than being in the company of someone exuding joy, happiness, and passion? Such high vibrations feel aligned, resonating, and healing. Bentinho explains that the feeling of joy and alignment works as a compass, directing us towards what’s in harmony with our true self.

However, it’s essential to understand that the pursuit of happiness should be genuine. Joy should not be a mask to hide or avoid negative emotions. It should be authentic, bringing us closer to a higher frequency. As Bentinho rightly points out, “the purpose of joy” is the only tangible indicator given to us to know if we’re moving in alignment or drifting away from it.

Bentinho often stresses the importance of inner guidance. Enlightenment, according to him, is tuning into one’s heart and joy. It is not about achieving a certain non-dual state of consciousness but listening to one’s heart and following what resonates. The truth doesn’t lie outside; it resides within, moment by moment. Sometimes, it might mean lighting a cigarette if that’s what genuinely brings happiness in that fleeting moment. Your truth is what makes you happy, resonates with you, and elevates your frequency.

The journey towards enlightenment isn’t about seeking validation outside or idolizing a particular state of consciousness. It’s about recognizing your own power, your own vibrational energy, and following what genuinely excites you. When you’re in tune with your joy and love, the states of higher consciousness become more accessible. It’s an irony that seeking non-dual states might keep them at bay, but following one’s bliss brings them closer.

In conclusion, the intricate dance of frequency and vibration shapes our world and consciousness. Embracing and understanding this dance can lead us closer to enlightenment. As Bentinho wisely says, “Your only truth is yourself. Your inner compass.”