Finding God’s Love in True Desires vs. Superficial Wants

Each individual soul navigates its own unique journey towards understanding and feeling God’s profound love. We all possess different pathways leading to this divine energy, yet some commonalities bind us together. Inspired by the teachings of Bentinho Massaro, let’s delve deep into the nature of our desires and how they relate to realizing true love.

To embark on this journey, it’s crucial to distinguish between desires that are superficial and those that echo the call of our higher self or God. While we may have countless desires, not all are genuine reflections of our spiritual inclinations. Many, like fleeting wishes or trivial expectations, might divert us from our true path. Bentinho’s wisdom emphasizes the distinction between these lesser wants and the genuine, deeper yearnings that guide us toward a higher purpose.

Such authentic desires are like a phone call from our innermost self, beckoning us to embrace a new perspective, shape our destiny, and march towards evolution. Unlike many teachings that advocate for a complete relinquishment of desires, Bentinho encourages us to identify and embrace these true yearnings. What we deeply long for will remain an unextinguished flame until it finds its fulfillment.

Consider, for instance, our interactions with friends or family. We may have surface-level wishes for them to behave a certain way or meet our expectations. Yet, what if the true longing beneath those desires is for them and us to genuinely recognize and share in God’s love? Bentinho suggests that it’s not truly about wanting others to act differently but about yearning for them to acknowledge the love that dwells within and around them.

By reflecting upon our true intentions, we gain clarity. If we genuinely desire for our friends to recognize love, it becomes evident that it’s not our duty to impose such realizations upon them. Instead, Ben’s teachings guide us to be living embodiments of that love. What if we could approach each situation with an unshakeable conviction in our eternal spirit and unwavering love? Such confidence would change our reactions, making us true messengers of love.

In essence, releasing our superficial desires paves the way for genuine love to blossom. By understanding our true yearnings and being genuine exemplars of love, we step closer to realizing and reflecting God’s immense love.