The Journey to Soul Completion: Merging with the Infinite

I invite you to embark on a profound exploration—the journey towards soul completion. To approach this topic with depth and clarity, we must transcend the limitations of the purely human perspective and embrace the multidimensional nature of our existence.

When we speak of completion, we are referring to a transformative process that goes beyond mere disappearance. This journey requires an understanding of the concept of densities, which represents different levels of consciousness. By traversing these densities, our soul embarks on an extraordinary voyage of self-realization and growth.

In this grand adventure, one of the significant lessons we encounter is the merger with the vastness of existence. We transcend our individuated identity, losing ourselves in the expansive oneness of all that is. Although it may be challenging to articulate, envision consciousness—the essence of our soul—completing an entire cycle of creation, akin to a universe unto itself. At this point, the soul turns its gaze towards eternity, leaving behind a blueprint that encompasses all it has learned. This blueprint is what we commonly refer to as the higher self—an intricate reflection of our soul’s future wisdom, millions of years from now, stretching into the infinity of existence.

It’s important to note that completion doesn’t imply disappearance. The essence of who you are can never cease to exist; it transcends all circumstances. Instead, completion involves leaving behind the constructs of individuation while retaining the eternal essence of your being. The consciousness that constitutes your soul, which experiences various lifetimes and dimensions, remains existent even as its identity merges with the infinite. You become the awareness of all that exists, no longer limited to specific collective consciousness or individuality. This merging marks the return to the infinite creator at the culmination of a cycle of exploration. However, it also heralds the beginning of a new cycle—a fresh octave of creation that lies beyond our current comprehension.

As we approach the completion of our soul’s journey, the transition occurs between the seventh and eighth densities. The eighth density signifies the commencement of a new, entirely different creation. While I cannot fully articulate or comprehend this realm, I hold hypotheses and glimpses of its unimaginable nature. The higher the densities, the more challenging it becomes to find words or concepts that adequately capture their essence, as they transcend our frame of reference.

Reflecting on my personal experiences leading up to June 1st, I sensed a discrepancy between the pace of the collective time-space reality I inhabited and the speed at which my growth unfolded. It was not an arrogance, but rather a deep knowing that something needed to change swiftly—either the collective reality or my continued participation within it. I felt an urgency, a need for collective transformation to align with my spiritual evolution. Fortunately, the collective environment shifted, and the disparity diminished, reigniting my enthusiasm for physical existence.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I gradually reclaimed the path I had already traversed at my native soul level, integrating downloads of higher density lessons into my human experience. These glimpses allowed me to briefly fall through the veil, immersing myself in the wisdom and perspective of my native soul’s journey. It’s crucial to understand that these experiences are not confined to a linear progression within this lifetime. They require timeless marination and nonlinear integration to truly complete the lessons. These soul-level lessons have little to do with our current earthly life but provide a broader understanding of our soul’s exploration.

I believe these transformative experiences serve a purpose—propelling us forward, harmonizing our vibration with the collective energy, and igniting our passion for physical existence. In September, the collective shifted to align with my spiritual growth, allowing me to resume teaching, sharing, and creating. Although the future remains uncertain

and my path may take unexpected turns, I am genuinely excited about the physical journey that lies ahead. My focus now involves creating positive change, expanding my team, and wholeheartedly embracing the opportunities that arise.

Now, let us venture further into the concept of the native soul level, acknowledging the challenges of discussing it due to the nonlinear nature of time beyond this realm. Native soul level cannot be strictly defined or hierarchically ordered since our soul extends across different densities, with extensions and activations spanning various dimensions. Even as we explore our free will within the soul levels of fourth and fifth density, we already have connections and activations in higher densities, including a higher self that exists simultaneously. Thus, it is intricate and multifaceted, defying simple categorization.

We do have access to our soul consciousness, but its reflection is filtered through the lens of our individual consciousness—the mirror of our existence. Our soul represents the totality of this mirror, reflecting the infinite back to itself through different expressions. Each life, each shard of the mirror, possesses its unique level of free will, reflecting and interpreting the divine light according to its nature. When we connect with our higher self or soul-level consciousness, we receive the light from the soul, and our personal mirror reflects and interprets it.

The journey towards soul completion beckons us to transcend the limitations of the human perspective and embrace the multidimensional nature of our existence. It is a voyage that takes us through densities and dimensions, merging us with the infinite while retaining our eternal essence. As we complete one cycle of exploration, a new one begins, bringing us closer to the mysteries that lie beyond our current comprehension. Let us venture forth on this sacred path, guided by the whispers of our soul, and embrace the unity and infinite reflections that await us.