Awakening to the Infinite Dream: Embracing the Divine Mystery Within

The concept of the Infinite Dream has been a mystical element in spiritual traditions across time. Bentinho Massaro, a revered spiritual teacher, once spoke about this vastness, inviting us to explore its profound implications.

He explained, “Life is an infinite dream of the creator expressing and knowing itself.” This can be seen as a profound testament to the nature of existence. When we contemplate the essence of life, we are met with the realization that even the divine – or God – is continually evolving, seeking to understand its limitless potential.

You can be it, but you cannot know it fully,” Bentinho mused. In this sentiment, there’s a compelling invitation for us to merge with the vastness of life, to become one with the infinite dream, while also accepting the mystery that surrounds it. If the divine essence is an endless journey of self-discovery, where does that place us?

The answer may surprise many. We, as reflections of the divine, are extensions of this infinite dream. Ben suggests that our conditioned human mind often convinces us that we have a firm grasp on what’s right, what’s wrong, and even what God is. Yet, the truth is far more profound and elusive. Our efforts to know, to categorize and judge, may often hinder our spiritual growth.

We often believe that our knowledge and experiences define us. But in the larger scheme of things, our human perceptions are mere glimpses into the vast tapestry of existence. To truly connect with the divine, one must “surrender to the mystery.” This surrender is not an act of defeat but a profound realization of unity with the divine. It’s a return home.

Bentinho’s teachings invite us to liberate ourselves, to embrace love in its most authentic form. In his words, “Only God loves.” While humans may emulate or express forms of love, true unconditional love is a divine trait. This doesn’t negate our human experiences but rather places them in a broader context.

As we navigate our human journey, one essential practice Bentinho emphasizes is forgiveness. Holding onto grievances and pain weighs down our spiritual being. True freedom, and alignment with the divine, comes when we release these burdens and let go. By doing so, we align more closely with the infinite love that flows from the creator.

In the world of the infinite dream, there are no bounds, only limitless potential and exploration. As extensions of this dream, our journey is to constantly rediscover, realign, and realize our divine essence. In doing so, we not only honor our true nature but also pay homage to the eternal creator that dreams us into existence.

To close with Bentinho’s words, “Let’s bring God back into our lives and honor the fact that we exist.” The infinite dream awaits, and all we must do is awaken.