Stepping into the Seat of Conscious Creation

Have you ever paused to consider the difference between perception and reception? Bentinho once reflected deeply upon this, challenging the traditional notions of our experiences.

Most of us believe we are constantly at the receiving end of life’s experiences. The sunsets we watch, the conversations we have, the chair we sit on – we think they all come to us externally. But what if the story is quite different? What if, instead of passively receiving, we are actively giving and creating?

You, the Giver of Experiences

Imagine, just for a moment, that everything around you – every touch, every sound, every sight – is not something you’re receiving from the outside world. Instead, it’s something you’re giving to yourself. Every single moment, every nanosecond, you are the one placing billions of molecules exactly where they should be. Ben once questioned, “What if you are not the receiver of experiences but the conceiver and the giver of experiences?” It’s a profound thought, isn’t it?

The Art of Deliberate Manifestation

If we’ve always been creators and never receivers, then it’s essential to step back into that conscious creator seat. This doesn’t imply control in a restrictive sense, but in a way of conscious creation. It means taking charge of our manifestations and what we bring forth into our lives. Every moment, every experience is a conscious decision, whether we realize it or not.

Rethinking Reality

Here’s where things truly get captivating. If all of reality, down to the chair under you, is something you’re constantly manifesting, then the entire idea of an “external” reality begins to blur. Instead of thinking of ourselves as tiny entities within a vast universe, what if the entirety of the universe is contained within us? We aren’t just a part of something; we are the origin of everything.

A Shift in Paradigm

In our interactions, if we remove the sense of there being an external reality, things begin to shift. If, as Bentinho suggests, there has never been another person we’ve interacted with, or an actual physical reality, then we are not a part of any sandbox. The universe isn’t something we live in; it’s something that lives in us.

As you contemplate these ideas, remember this powerful truth from Ben: “You are not walking around in something that already exists; the entirety of the universe is walking around in you.”

This perspective may reshape how you approach life, relationships, and even yourself. After all, as Ben reminds us, we are nothing short of gods in our own right.