In the current world, there seems to be a pervasive contradiction among those who seek positive change and transformation. Their approaches and behaviors often contradict the very goals they wish to accomplish. Even when we attempt to aid them in their quest, it is often perceived as an attack on their desires. This contradiction stems from an association between their desires and their flawed approach.

To truly accomplish our desired outcomes, we must pause our need for emotional gratification and consider our approach from various standpoints. It requires us to understand not only the logical and physical aspects but also the metaphysical, vibrational, and spiritual dimensions. Sadly, many people fail to grasp this understanding. They unknowingly take on the vibration of that which they oppose, believing that by becoming the energy of their opposition, they can create the reality they desire. However, this approach goes against the very laws of metaphysics.

It is akin to fighting gravity or defying physics. If we truly want to achieve our desired results, we must transcend our need for immediate gratification. This requires true courage, faith, and patience. We need to resist the temptations that hinder our progress and consider whether we genuinely want the outcome or merely the emotional satisfaction that comes with it. Often, emotional gratification opposes and slows down the actual results we claim to be working towards. We must create space for reflection and self-purification, examining every aspect of our approach, including our attachment to emotional validation.

Humanity finds itself trapped in self-defeating patterns, addicted to cycles that impede growth. Many have become accustomed to this way of being and lack the knowledge to change. However, it all boils down to a lack of true self-knowledge and self-awareness. The solution lies in spiritual awakening, where we transcend the psychological and man-made issues plaguing our world. Yet, many are not willing to make the necessary sacrifices or embark on the journey of self-discovery. It is far easier to find scapegoats, blame others, and seek external validation. However, this path does not lead to liberation; it only perpetuates the cycle of suffering.

We can only offer education and guidance, providing a pathway to patience, wisdom, self-reflection, and honesty. Some may not know any better, and their actions cannot be fully held accountable. Yet, if they were to experience the profound transformation of self-knowledge, they would realize that it far surpasses the fleeting satisfaction of emotional gratification. They would understand that this is the path to true liberation and the fulfillment of their deepest desires. The journey begins with a taste of self-knowing, a glimpse of what lies beyond the need for immediate gratification. It is then that the possibility of true transformation becomes apparent, and the solution to our collective dilemmas comes into focus.