Change is Constant: Delving into the Depths of Consciousness

Life is an ever-evolving tapestry of experiences, thoughts, and realities. Beneath these, however, lies the expansive realm of consciousness, an entity so vast and profound that it’s often misunderstood or even ignored.

Bentinho, has emphasized the notion of being ‘undisturbed’. When we tread the spiritual path, we often get lost in the mélange of perceptions and experiences, both spiritual and worldly. The key, as Bentinho often states, is to remain undisturbed at the core of our sense of self.

Imagine consciousness as a vast, shimmering ocean. The waves that rise and crash are the fleeting experiences and perceptions of life. Some waves are gentle, while others are tumultuous, yet the ocean remains undisturbed. It remains vast, deep, and constant. The more we identify with the depth of the ocean rather than the fleeting waves, the closer we come to understanding the true essence of our existence.

In the realm of our day-to-day lives, this translates to the relationships we hold, the jobs we do, and the emotions we experience. Everything, as Ben aptly put it, will “appear and disappear”. Clinging to these appearances or being swayed by them leaves us trapped in a never-ending cycle.

One profound insight Ben offers is the paradox of care. When you release the hold on one level of self-imposed reality, it doesn’t signify lack of care. Quite the contrary. It means you’re delving deeper, caring more about the truth underneath than the fleeting perceptions on the surface.

The universe, in its grand design, embodies change. Yet, within this very change, there exists a constant: consciousness. It’s eternal, unchanging, and while everything around us might appear and disappear, it remains the grounding force.

For Ben, understanding the nature of change and consciousness doesn’t mean reacting to every little shift around us. It means embracing the fluidity of life and understanding that motionlessness and the ability to change are two sides of the same coin. While appearances and situations might come and go, the true nature of consciousness remains steadfast.

So, as Bentinho concludes, it’s not about waiting for the right moment or the right sign. It’s about understanding the nature of our existence and moving with the flow, not against it. It’s about embracing change because, after all, change is constant. And beneath this constant, lies the vast, eternal ocean of consciousness.

“Embrace the fluidity of life, for beneath the constant change lies the eternal ocean of consciousness.” – Inspired by Bentinho Massaro